Blanche’s Book Club: ‘The Four Tendencies.’

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One of my latest audiobook adventures was “The Four Tendencies” by Gretchen Rubin.

I’d seen this book before, and while I’ve read three of her other books, this one didn’t seem like it was going to be as good as those.

But, it was available at my library, and when I actually took a second to read the description, it sounded like I could benefit from listening to it.

This book covers the four human tendencies when they react to expectation. Are you someone who meets internal expectations? External? Do you ask questions? Do you rebel at the thought of expectations?

Well, this book explains each tendency, and it also goes into the details of all of them. It explains which tendency YOU are, and what to do if your partner is a certain tendency, or maybe your boss is a different tendency or your child.

You can take the quiz to determine yours, which I did, but I also listened to the entire book. Bonus: it’s a pretty short listen if you prefer quicker audiobooks.

I don’t think listening to this book will change my life (like the reviews said, HA), but I am all about learning more about my personality and core. I’ve done the “Strengths Finder,” I know my enneagram, and I’m well-versed on Myers-Briggs.

Knowing my tendency is another resource I can throw in the mix to resolve problems and do better at life.

What kinds of books like this have you read?

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