Blanche’s Book Club: ‘One Italian Summer.’

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During the height of the pandemic, I read Rebecca Serle’s “In Five Years” and absolutely LOVED it (you can read my full review here)!

So, when I saw Serle was coming out with something new, “One Italian Summer” I immediately put it on my watchlist.

The book follows Katy, who’s recently lost her mom to cancer. While her mom was sick, they passed the time by planning a special trip to Italy. The trip would be a first for Katy, but a revisit for her mom, who went before Katy was born and had a magical summer.

When her mom passes, Katy decides to take the trip anyway, alone.

Although she’s nervous to go by herself, especially while grieving, she feels comforted once she arrives, knowing she’s seeing the same sites her mom once did.

As she’s exploring and meeting people though, Katy runs into her mom — only it’s her mom from years ago!

There is a bit of a twist, too, but I won’t give it away.

I absolutely loved this book! I am always nervous to read books that have cancer-related plots or terminally-ill parents, but both of those things were such a small part of the story.

I loved all the descriptions of Italy (I am now more determined to go than ever), the food, drinks, everything.

Barnes & Noble did a virtual event with the author, and they asked her all sorts of questions about the book, and how she came up with the concept.

Serle said she went to Italy before COVID with her mom, and then she wrote the book during the lockdown. I am always amazed when I hear about things like this.

If you’re a traveler or are looking for a good escape, this one’s for you!

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