Meet my new Patio Plants!

It’s that time of year — when I refresh my patio!

I toss plants that didn’t make it through the winter, clean everything I possibly can, and plant new things that’ll hopefully stick around for a while.

Thankfully, a majority of my plants survived the winter and I didn’t have to replace much.

But, things are looking a little more colorful out there!

Here’s what I got:

This succulent isn’t new, but WOW it exploded over the last year! I did a bunch of Googling on how to move parts of it to give it more room.

I ended up dumping out the entire plant, separating parts that I could and planted the other half of it into a new container.

I planted these for kitty Blanche — they are a staple on the patio! Blanche has cat grass and catnip that she can snack on while she’s watching the birds.

The red plant is a Calendiva I picked up at Trader Joe’s. I loved the color and, even though it has blooms, it reminded me of a succulent with its thick leaves. You can also see the other half of the succulent!

I got all of my new plants from Trader Joe’s, including this beautiful Hyacinth. It smells so beautiful and I love the color pink. I have never taken care of a bulb plant before, so I hope I can do okay, and it will thrive!

This is another Calendiva — but bigger and yellow! I love how it looks in the turquoise planter (which I bought last year from Big Lots).

I got the fern (lower left) and this other plant… not sure of the name, which has created all sorts of issues for me 🙂 But, I love how they both look in the pots.

The plant on the right is nice and tall, which creates a little privacy out there.

Finally, here’s a shot of the plants, but really I’m trying to show off my new string lights! I got these from Big Lots, which had a huge selection.

I had a tough time deciding, but I am so glad I went with something colorful and fun. It reminds me of all the lights you see at a campground and I love it!

What types of plants are you decorating your house with this year?

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