Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Greenlights’.

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It’s a new installment of Blanche’s Book Club, and guess what? Kitty Blanche is celebrating her birthday Friday!

I took the day off so I could spend some quality time with her 🙂 It may sound silly, but sometimes I feel like the day goes by and I really haven’t given Blanche much attention.

Since I’ve been working from home for the last three years, I do get to see her so much more than I did when I had an office job, but I still have to make time to play with her and give her all the pets and scratches she deserves.

But, onto the latest book: “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey.

This book was published in October 2020, and I know it’s been a pretty popular pick since then. But, I wasn’t sold immediately.

Living in Austin, McConaughey seems to be… always around. And, while I have absolutely nothing against him, he sometimes seems like a caricature of himself.

So, I had no plans on reading this book until I saw his interview with Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY.

Sure, I’ve seen him in all the romcoms and thought he was swoon-worthy. But, this book seemed like it showed him in a different light.

According to him, he drove to the desert, started looking through old diaries, and decided to write his life’s story.

Some of the book is about his acting career, but I found the more interesting parts of the book to be the ones about his childhood, his family, and meeting his wife Camilla.

Some of the stories from his childhood were laugh-out-loud funny, and some of them were heartbreaking and unbelievable.

Technically, this is a book of short stories, but they’re told in a specific order with the angle of “Greenlights,” or signals for moving forward in life. As for McConaughey, yellow lights and red lights eventually turn green.

I listened to the audiobook version, which… again, I went back and forth with this because of the thin line between charm and annoyance I find with McConaughey. I do think I would’ve enjoyed the print version more (his “isms” got annoying about 6 hours into the audio).

But, I absolutely do not regret reading this book. It was enjoyable, funny, sweet, and I learned a thing or two.

Have you read this one?

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