A Review: Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk Toner.

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Last year, I bought a sampler pack of Kylie Skin products. I’d heard so many mixed reviews, but like most things, I really needed to try it for myself.

You can read my review of the Kylie Skin Hydrating Face Mask (Hint: I really liked it), but the Vanilla Milk Toner was another product from the set I liked.

For content, I have an oily t-zone and do get breakouts. This toner is not for any specific type of skin, and doesn’t treat or prevent breakouts.

I liked it though because I really did find it hydrating. If you find that other skincare products you’re using strip your skin, putting on something like this feels so nice.

Since it’s a “milk” toner, it has a heavier consistency. It really is like a milk! Although it says vanilla, I don’t remember it having a scent.

It’s gentle and nourishing, but it claims to reduce the appearance of pores and well, that’s not true – ha!

But, this and the hydrating mask were my favorite products from the set (there was a face cleanser and a scrub, I tried).

Is this the best toner I’ve tried? No, but if it was on sale or in a gift set, I would buy it again.

I think, generally speaking, a skincare line like Kylie’s is made for the masses. She has a younger following, and probably not a lot of them have major skin issues.

Remember the kind of skincare you could get away with when you were younger? I had zits early, but I used drugstore and random skincare for a long time (no shade, I still use Noxema on occasion).

So, I kind of put it one level above that. It’s a good product, but likely not going to do anything groundbreaking for me.

Have you tried anything from Kylie Skin?

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