My summertime Summersalt haul!

…And this is a HAUL. I really haven’t been buying much in the way of clothes during the pandemic since I rarely leave the apartment. But, I bought a Summersalt cashmere set off Poshmark last year (or very early this year) and was really impressed with it.

My personal rule is that I buy only from thrift stores (ThredUp is my main jam), or companies that are eco-friendly and/or support a cause I care about. Basically, I am trying to avoid fast fashion at all costs. Summersalt is eco-friendly. A lot of their items are made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles!

So, I asked for some of these items for my birthday, others I bought from ThredUp, and others I splurged and bought right from the website. I’m hooked!

The Perfect Boyfriend Shirt

I saw this on ThredUp and freaked out because there’s hardly ever Summersalt items there — I assume it’s because everyone loves their stuff so much! But, this is an oversized button-down (I got the Pacific & White Sand Stripe color) and it’s wrinkle resistant. I love keeping this on the back of my desk chair and I can just throw it on over a tank top (or my pajamas) for a Zoom call.

My Perfect Boyfriend Shirt!

The Marina One-Piece Swimsuit

My first Summersalt swimsuit! I am pretty sure this is what Summersalt is known for, and they make suits for al body types. I wear mostly one-pieces and this one has color-blocking and stripes in all the right places to hide any areas I’m self-conscious about. I got the Mixed Stripe in Hydrangea & White Sand color, which I love. I’ve worn this suit several times and always get compliments!

The Marina swimsuit

The Short Effortless Shirtdress Cover-Up

I bought this along with my swimsuit and it’s effortless and silky. I got the Rainbow stripe, which is a limited style from a collab. It’s a collarless button-down which makes me feel like Scrooge (ha!), but in general I think it’s cute, and you could definitely wear it as a dress and not just a coverup.

Love the rainbow stripe!

The All Buttoned Up Cover-Up

I got this one for my birthday! This is like a long button-down that has a matching tie for the waist that’s optional. I got the French Stripe in White Sand, which is just a black and white stripe. It’s a cute cover up, but definitely could be a dress!

The Do-It-All High Rise Biker Shorts

Another birthday gift! I have been so hesitant to jump on the biker short trend because I’m self-conscious about my legs, but I’m getting better about just being like, eh who cares. I am really into the matching sets, and I do believe you get a better workout when you’re looking good and feeling confident! So, my mom got me the terracotta color biker shorts and they are SO nice. I have worked out in them several times and they fit great, they don’t roll up or down, and as far as I’ve noticed, I haven’t sweat thru them. I loved them so much, I bought myself a second pair in the Slate color.

Bought these in 2 colors!

The Softest French Terry Relaxed Crew

My mom got me this to match my Terracotta biker shorts and it is such a cute set! I wore it to barre pre-Delta and immediately got a compliment. It’s light and very soft — the inside feels like terry but the outside is smooth and soft. It’s really nice!

So soft

The Midi Sports Bra

When I bought the Slate biker shorts, I bought a matching sports bra. I haven’t worked out in it yet, so I can’t report on that, but it looks great, and the reviews were fantastic.

The Convertible Split Back Long Sleeve

This is also something I bought to match my Slate set. This is a really cool shirt that’s split up the back… you can wear it flowy or you can tie the back into a knot so it’s tighter in the front and has that cool detail in the back! They have tanks like this, too, but I went for the longsleeve. The material is very soft.

Love this top!

The Wide Strap Oasis Bikini Top

I liked the fit of my one piece so much, I decided to go for a two-piece. This set looked like it would be flattering and it had great reviews. I got the Deep sea, which is a navy blue, and the straps are adjustable, plus the band around the bottom is adjustable too so it has great support, without underwires.

The Lace-Up High Leg High Rise Bikini Bottom

This is the matching bottoms in Deep Sea, and it has a little lace-up part on the waist, which is so cute! It’s the only true high-waisted bottoms on the site, and paired with the top I got, it only shows a few inches of my midsection, which is exactly what I wanted!

Love the lace detail

The Feel Free Adjustable Bralette

I’m wearing this as I type! The bralette and underwear are newer items for Summersalt, but the reviews are all so good. I got the Toffee color, which is a nice neutral. It’s sort of like a striped mesh, so it’s not going to give you a huge lift or anything, but it’s very VERY comfortable. I love having stuff like this to wear around the house and to sleep in, so I am happy with this purchase.

The Feel Free Bikini Underwear

They have a few different underwear cuts, but I went with the bikini in Toffee to match the bralette. It still has full-coverage in the back, which I appreciate, and since it’s made from the same striped mesh as the bralette, it’s very comfy!

Have you ever tried anything from Summersalt? I am looking forward to seeing what they put out for fall!

This review is not sponsored — nor are any of the reviews on this blog. I am a beauty and skincare junkie and enjoy sharing the products I love right here! For more reviews and similar posts, please subscribe to the blog by clicking subscribe on the right side of your screen. Cheers! 


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