Blanche’s Book Club: ’28 Summers.’

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I was having a perfectly fine day yesterday and then when I actually sat down and closed my computer… I had this rush of sadness. This happens from time to time, with no real rhyme or reason, but I’m pretty sure this happened as a result of… everything.

It’s been such a prolonged tough time for everyone and I think the times I feel okay are only when I’m able to stuff everything down and pretend things are normal, when obviously, they are not. I wallowed in it a bit, but then I ate a nourishing dinner (a bunless impossible burger + a side of potatoes and zucchini) and laid in my bed with Blanche and read for an hour or so. It was nice!

But today, I wanted to share a book I finished reading last week: “28 Summers” by Elin Hilderbrand.

I bought this for myself last summer, when I was attending lots of virtual bookish parties. I went to several that were hosted by authors and a bookstore, local to San Diego. The store was having an event with Elin Hilderbrand where she signed several copies of this book, and the shop sent me one!

I have read close to 10 Elin Hilderbrand books and I always love them. They’re an escape, generally light (but deep enough to hook me in), and I always finish them feeling so glad I read them. So, I was really excited to get this copy to keep for myself.

But of course, it sat on my shelf for an entire year.

Not anymore! After discovering that indeed, my Nook gets too hot in the sun, I decided to take an actual book to the pool, and this is the one I picked.

“28 Summers” is the story of Mallory Blessing and Jake McCloud. They meet in Nantucket through Mallory’s brother, when a group of friends comes to spend Labor Day weekend at Mallory’s recently-inherited home.

Quickly, something sparks between Jake and Mallory and they come up with a “No Matter What” pact. as in, he’ll always come to her house in Nantucket for Labor Day, no matter what.

And so, we get 28 summers of Mallory and Jake, even though there are other relationships, weddings, pregnancies, even a run for president… and yet, no matter what!

I absolutely loved this book… I cried when it was over! There is an underlying sadness to this book that I won’t reveal, but it is overall a great read.

I recently read that Elin Hilderbrand has always planned to retire in 2024, and she announced she’s following that plan, and only writing two more books. I *think* she’s already written 27(ish) books, and I know they’ve all been wildly successful.

Although I know a lot of readers will be sad for her retirement, I think it’s awesome that she made that plan and is able to follow through with it. May we all be so lucky!

Last night, I started reading “All Adults Here” by Emma Straub. What are you reading?

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