Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Pumpkin.’

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Coming at you from Manor, Texas! I’m about 30 minutes away from my apartment in Austin, because I am housesitting/petsitting 🙂 I got here Saturday, and while the change of scenery has been nice, I miss my bed!

I’ve been going home for a few hours every afternoon to visit with Blanche and get food and whatever else I need for the night. I’ll be back home for good on Sunday!

I have still been listening to as many audiobooks as possible lately, and am excited to share one of my latest: “Pumpkin” by Julie Murphy.

“Pumpkin” is the third and final book in this trilogy of lovable teen novels, followed by “Dumplin‘” and “Puddin;”. Let me be clear here: Julie Murphy is a treasure. I have read all of her books (okay minus the one that came out Tuesday — more on this in a sec) and they are all SO good!

All of the books in the trilogy take place in Clover City, Texas, surrounding a group of high school friends. It’s all of the small town, teen drama you wished for.

Specifically, in “Pumpkin” we meet Waylon who is an openly gay high school senior who’s interested in drag. With the help of his friends, he gets the courage to perform in his first drag show… and he’s battling with some feelings he has for a fellow classmate.

All of the books in the trilogy take me back to high school, in the best way. I love the characters, I love that the drama is not too dark, and in general, it’s just fun!

I actually listened to the audio version of this one and the voice actor did a really great job of bringing the story to life.

I would definitely recommend this whole series if you haven’t read it yet (if you’re into YA novels, of course).

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