A Review: Uncommon James Home Goods.

I realized a few weeks ago that my kitchen is now full of Uncommon James items and figured it was time for me to share.

So here we go!

I started with the measuring cups and spoons, which are copper dipped in white enamel. Both sets are so beautiful! I got them for Christmas and use them nearly every day between scooping my protein powder and oats 🙂

I will say that the reviews for these were mixed — some people said their items chipped or they didn’t like that they were handwash-only.

I didn’t understand this because it’s pretty easy to rinse off dry measuring cups and little spoons. Maybe it’s just me! The copper does discolor a little but that always happens with copper pieces.

Then, earlier this year, they had a big sale on several items, so I bought all of the barware, including the Copper Cocktail Strainer & Shot Glass, Marble & Copper Bottle Opener, Copper Shaker, Wooden Muddler, and the Copper Cocktail Stir.

I don’t do much as far as mixing cocktails, but the prices on these were so good, I couldn’t pass them up! Plus, I love that everything goes together with the white marble and copper.

Once everything arrived, I donated my old items and have actually used most of my new things 🙂 I was even inspired to replace some other basic kitchenware that I realized I’d had for 10+ years… ugh!

During that same sale, I also bought a round wooden serving board that has a copper handle and a copper ice cream scoop!

The serving board is so pretty — it’s large enough for a two-person charcuterie spread — and I have it hung in my kitchen where I can see it but also where I can reach it.

I haven’t used the ice cream scoop yet, which means I haven’t eaten enough ice cream since then, which is most-definitely a bragging right.

And finally, the most recent item I purchased was from their summer line: the Geometric Wine Decanter and matching Wine Glasses.

I saw these and HAD to buy them!

I have been on the lookout for a cute decanter ever since I bought the wine aerator… and this one is so cute.

The glass is a tad thick for wine, but I have already used the set for wine, tea, and water. Looks so cute for serving.

I keep it out on my counter all the time because it looks so nice.

Have you all been buying anything to spruce up your homes lately?

If you want to buy something from Uncommon James, I have a $10 off link — for home items, jewelry, anything!

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