A Review: Barnes & Noble Nook Glow Light 3.

Raise your hand if you’re still on the struggle bus after the holiday weekend… *raises hand*… I mean, come on, I’m publishing the blog post I meant to publish YESTERDAY, at 9:30pm.

But hey, I’m doing what I can.

And no, I’m definitely not hung over, just exhausted and feeling scrambled after having a true break from work and my computer.

It was a little bit of a wakeup call to just take three days away and come back to things in such disarray — what a world I’ve created sitting in front of my computer this past year!

But, I think tomorrow, I feel a little more into the groove… and don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret taking a break! My best friend came into town and we had so much fun — wouldn’t trade it for anything!

So, let me jump into my review because I’ve got a lot to say about my little Nook GlowLight 3.

Let’s just get this out of the way: I know this is not a new product. It’s not even a new idea – ha!

For starters, I really was not an ebook lover pre-pandemic. I like a physical book.

But, during the pandemic, the library was closed, and the only way to get library books was to download them from the library’s Libby app.

So, in 2020, I read a majority of my books from my iPad.

And while I love my iPad, I realized a few things: 1. It’s a little clunky — yet fragile — to travel with. And 2., I can’t take it to the pool nor the beach this summer (you can’t see the screen in the sunlight).

As a result, I started looking at Nooks from Barnes & Noble. I’m not a huge fan of Amazon, so I didn’t want to go with a Kindle.

From my research, I knew I wanted to go with the GlowLight 3, even though it’s from 2017. It had the best customer reviews and I really liked the size of it.

A main part of my research was making sure I would be able to continue to download books from the Libby app. And yes, you can!

So, I ordered the Nook Memorial Day weekend and I was so excited when it arrived. The size is perfect (it’s about the same size as a Debbie Macomber novel).

It’s lightweight and one feature I love is that you can flip the pages with your thumb no matter what hand you’re holding it in. Trust me, I’ve been holding it while in a float in the pool… no risk of dropping it.

I’ve already traveled with it and it feels so much more durable than the iPad. The charge lasts for days, and you can read from it in all types of lighting situations.

My only complaint is that it’s a bit glitchy — it’s not a smooth, colorful experience like the iPad offers. But honestly? I wasn’t expecting that type of thing. I’d say my problem with it is very small; it’s more like just something I notice.

So far, I have read 3-4 books on it, and right now about half of my bookshelf is books from the Libby App (you have to add them to the Nook via your computer, but it’s pretty easy).

I also have a lot of fun raiding the ebook clearance bin on the Barnes & Noble website 🙂

If you’re considering getting an ereader, I’d definitely recommend it. For me, it was worth the money just for the summer months!

Here’s to hoping you all have a great rest of the week.

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