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Well, we made it to Friday, gang!

I’ve had a full-time job for two weeks, so I can officially be one of those people that looks forward to Friday 🙂

I have been looking forward to watching “In the Heights” which comes out today — in theatres and on HBO Max — and I’m getting a set of third holes pierced into my ears tomorrow.

Those are my weekend plans!

Every month, I’ve been setting goals for my personal creative projects. Unfortunately in May, I wasn’t able to reach ANY of my goals, so I’m very focused on crushing them this month.

One of my June goals was to create a profile on Wattpad, which is a social media platform to connect readers and writers.

So, I made a profile and have been setting it up this week! You can find me here.

Right now, the first two chapters of “Oil & Ink” are published on Wattpad, and I’m planning to regularly publish the rest of the chapters in the coming weeks.

I have more books coming, too, and I’ll share them there as well.

I heard about Wattpad years ago, and I’ve even talked about it in my Blogging for Beginners classes. For many writers, it’s a really great place to gain readership, and some authors have even gotten book deals or films made from their work!

Recently, Wattpad also made it possible for writers to monetize their work (although I’m still not entirely sure how this works).

I’m really hoping to tap into the Wattpad community to get readers, but also to meet other writers and read their work! If I’m not mistaken, readers can comment on your work and help you edit it.

As you can tell, I’m still trying to see exactly how the platform works and how I can get the most out of it.

So, if you’re a writer or a reader — and especially if you’re on Wattpad — I’d love to follow you and see how you use it!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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