A Review: Kneipp Bubble Bath.

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Do you participate in self-care Sunday?

I have been working a majority of the weekend — minus a nap I took during a thunderstorm yesterday and the hour it took me to hunt down some magazines — and tonight I’m looking forward to a bubble bath and possibly a glass of wine.

I know baths are not everyone’s cup of tea, but wow do I love them. Sometimes I listen to podcasts or audiobooks while I take a bath and other times I read.

I always, always light a candle and have a drink nearby, even if it’s just a big cup of ice water.

Since I love taking baths so much, I have become a bath bomb, bath salt, bubble bath junkie. I’ve tried so many different kinds and am always buying new ones because I never want to run out!

Today, I want to talk about Kneipp bubble bath.

I heard about Kneipp first from Jaclyn Hill. I bought a sampler of the bath salts and two of their bubble baths (they were the only two sold at Ulta) — the Eucalyptus Aromatherapy and the Lavender and Vanilla Dream Time.

I take a majority of my bubble baths at night, so I’m always drawn to bath products that will help me get a better night of sleep. But, sometimes I’ll snag an afternoon bath and I enjoy using eucalyptus because it helps with allergies and doesn’t make me sleepy.

Both of these bubble baths are amazing!

Prior to trying these I was always buying Dr. Teal’s — which is still a great option — but these feel a bit more luxurious. I use less of the product, but get more bubbles that last longer.

I also like that the Kneipp options include essential oils and they are vegan!

I will note though, that a bottle of Dr. Teal’s is $5-7 and Kneipp is $15.

So, if the Kneipp is not your price range, go for Dr. Teal’s.

The Kneipp Eucalyptus helps ease a stuffy nose, which is perfect for allergies or cold season. The Dream blend has extra lavender with a hint of orange peel, and it’s a best-seller.

But, there’s so many other scents of bubble bath from Kneipp I want to try, including the Goodbye Stress, Passionfruit and Grapefruit, and the Cedar and Jojoba oil.

Have you tried Kneipp bubble bath? Or is there another brand you always choose?

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