A Review: Skims Boyfriend Collection.

I’m starting to appreciate Sundays instead of dread them… because I actually look forward to Monday a little bit! Yesterday, I went to brunch for the first time since 2019, and wow did it feel weird to be around people, and actually at a restaurant… but it also reminded me how much I miss life pre-COVID.

I have some work I need to catch up on today, but I am excited to have all of the Oscar-related shows on in the background. I love watching all of the countdown and red carpet shows on E.

Anyway, I am a bit of a Skims junkie. I started with buying one bra, then I loved it and branched out into leggings, and loved those, and now I just buy all of the Skims.

It’s a female-owned company, it supports women of all sizes, and it’s quality items for affordable prices.

But, I realized I haven’t shared all of the items I’ve purchased… and I wanted to start with the Boyfriend Collection.

Around Black Friday, Skims had a sale — I believe it was their first ever sale — and one of the items I bought became unavailable.

To make it up to me, Skims gave me a 50% off coupon for my next purchase. ENTIRE PURCHASE.

So, I was waiting for something to drop that I really wanted and I would splurge to really get the full advantage of it. And that was the Boyfriend Collection. I bought all the items in matching colors, and it’s fabulous.

Skims Boyfriend Tank

This is my favorite item in the collection. It’s ribbed and has more of a boxy cut, which I was unsure about, but I love the high-cut neck, and it’s just so soft.

This entire collection is so soft. I hate when influencers use the term “buttery” but this is really how this feels; almost silky.

When I got this collection, lots of people on Instagram asked me about it. Is it nice enough to wear in public? Yes. It’s not cheap-looking or necessarily loungewear-looking, even though in Austin, most people dress pretty casually.

Obviously I bought these clothes during the pandemic, so mostly, I’ve worn them at home. But I have worn the tank with jeans to run errands and I think it’s a great staple item. I’ve also worn it with sweats at home — I love wearing it tucked into oversized sweats.

Skims Boyfriend T-Shirt

I’ve listed these in order of my liking. I know this is basically just a t-shirt, but it’s such a quality material that it stands up to stains and washing it… a lot. I wear this thing ALL the time.

It’s become that item that I wear as soon as it’s done in the dryer. Like all of the items in this collection, it has an oversized fit, and this has a higher neckline and longer sleeves than most women’s shirts do.

Did I mention this line is unisex?

Skims Boyfriend t-shirt and boxer.

It’s made to fit oversized, and I still got my normal size. I love wearing this shirt with the Skims Cotton leggings at home and have worn it out with jeans (usually layered under a rain jacket or cardigan) and loved it.

I got this entire collection in the color “Ochre” but this would be great to have in “Marble” which is the white… everyone needs a great white tee.

Skims Boyfriend Boxer

Skims have all sorts of boxers on their site, but this was the first pair I got. I figured it would be a good lounge item — something to wear around the house and to sleep in.

These are a smooth (not-ribbed) pair of boxers; essentially underwear shorts. Personally, it took me a little while to get used to wearing them. I’m not someone who goes without wearing underwear, so it felt weird to just put these on.

But they are soft and comfy. I’ve worn them just on their own, or under sweat pants. You could easily wear these under loose-fitting jeans.

I love the elastic waistband — not too tight — and that it’s full coverage without being “granny” (even though I honestly do not care). They’re cool and I actually bought a ribbed cotton pair later. I told you, I love Skims!

Skims Boyfriend Long Sleeve T-Shirt

I only put this last on my list because the sleeves took a little getting used to — there’s no elastic around the wrist. So, as someone who pushes up everything to my elbows… you can’t!

I’ve since figured out how to fold and roll and make it work. Honestly, it looks more chic like this, but it took me a few wears.

This has that masculine cut that’s a little more boxy with the high neck, but I like it. I wear this with leggings and have also work it out in jeans, and I just think it’s an easy, breezy streetwear look.

Would I wear it to the office? I think yes, with a blazer over it and the right jewelry. It all depends on your style.

All in all, these are honestly some of my favorite Skims pieces! I have yet to be disappointed with a purchase, and it’s a brand I feel good about supporting.

Have you tried anything from Skims?

This clothing review is not sponsored — nor are any of the reviews on this blog. I am a beauty, skincare, and general product junkie and enjoy sharing the items I love right here! For more reviews and similar posts, please subscribe to the blog by clicking subscribe on the right side of your screen. Cheers! 

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