Small Ways to Improve Your SEO.

Most of the time — OK, all of the time — when I think about the effort it takes to improve SEO for a blog or a website, it’s overwhelming. 

SEO is always changing. There are always new updates and rules and things to try to get ranked higher in search engines. 

But, there are a few different (and small) ways you can approach SEO and still make a positive difference on your blog or website. 

Before I get into my list of small things you can do to improve your SEO, I do want to tell you what I tell all of my Blogging for Beginners students. 

And that’s that if SEO doesn’t lend itself to your overall goal — and especially if it seems like too much work — then just don’t do it. 

Getting a lot of traffic and/or making money from a blog isn’t always the goal, and I wouldn’t want anyone to put in unnecessary work. 

So, having said that, let’s get into it! Head over to Patreon to see my list 🙂

Not sure what Patreon is? It’s a platform that allows content creators to provide exclusive posts, videos, and audio to their supporters.

There’s no contract or commitment, and there’s 80 posts already waiting for you, covering the basics of blogging and digital media. Hope to see you there!

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