Etsy Shops for Home Accessories.

Last month, my best friend celebrated yet ANOTHER birthday in quarantine. She bought her first house last year, and is still decorating it, so I wanted to get her something in that “genre” of gift.

After lots of thinking, I decided to get her an Etsy gift card! This way, she could use it on whatever she wanted, but support a small business at the same time.

I know a lot of people think gift cars are impersonal (personally, I love getting gift cards), so I added a little something to my digital gift card: a list of shops to check out.

I divided the list up by category: dishes, plants, candles, wall decor, rugs, etc. and then I listed 2-3 Etsy shops in each category. I tried to find shops she might like, but of course, she could still spend the gift card cash however she wants!

Of course, while I was searching for shops for her gift, I stumbled across some shops I liked for myself! So, I thought I’d share them with you, just in case you’re on the hunt.

A Thing Created | Stationary & Gifts

I came across this shop when I was looking for wrapping paper over the holidays. While there is stationary and wrapping paper here, there’s so many cute art prints! There’s also some phone cases, pillows, and notepads.

Charmed Bath & Body | Vegan Skincare

Okay, so it’s not a home shop – ha! I am suuuuch a sucker for bath and body products. This shop has affordable (and cute) bath bombs and salts. Plus, it’s Black-female owned.

Colin + Finn | Modern Pillows

I never thought I could fall in love with a pillow shop, but the aesthetic of this shop is chef’s kiss! It’s masculine but slightly farmhouse-cozy. There are mud cloth pillows, leather accents… I have my eye on this!

Dado Dado Designs | Retro Planters

This shop sells one thing: hanging planters that look like disco balls. I need one and I need one now.

Eucalyptus Blooms | Shower & Bath Bouquets

The shop name pretty much says it all! This shop sells lavender and eucalyptus bouquets for you to hang in your shower, plus a few other bath items. If you have allergies, eucalyptus helps — I usually buy some from Trader Joes and hang it in my shower, but I think it’ll grab some items from this female-owned shop 🙂

Journee Naturelle | Bath & Body

This is a Black-female owned shop and, oh my god, the whipped body butter looks like a dessert! I’m not even a big body butter person, but this stuff looks amazing! She also sells some bath bombs and candles.

Keep the FaYe | Vintage State Plates

I’m not entirely sure what to call the inventory in this shop… it’s mostly state-themed plates, but they remind me of things you’d see in a truck stop. And I do not mean that as a bad thing — I love it! There are also napkins, casserole dishes… I particularly liked the Texas serving platter.

Pink Pothos | Painted Pots

This shop has some really cute hand-painted pots and platers. They’re simple (but I couldn’t DIY them) and they would be cute indoors or outdoors.

Pushn Up Daisies | Vintage Depression Glass

I’m sure the inventory in this shop changes from time to time, but there are so many beautiful colored-glass cake stands in here! I use a cake stand to display baked goods for guests (or for myself), but also for candles or to add height to a vase. There’s lots of other beautiful things in here: drinking glasses, serving platters, and candles.

Sako Art Studio | Large Abstract Paintings

Art has been so intimidating to me, in terms of decorating my house. It’s expensive and I never know what to look for, so when I saw this shop, I marked it for future reference. The abstract paintings are interesting and listed at affordable prices (compared to what I’ve seen).

Tectle | Plant-based plastic pots

You read that correctly: plant-based plastic! I’d never heard of such a thing, so I had to make note of this shop. There are tons of pots and planters in cool textures and neutral colors. They all look so modern!

Winston & Pete Co | Small Batch Soy Candles

This is a Black-female-owned shop and it’s got some really unique scents for candles. There’s “Hey Handsome” and “Morning Beautiful” and… this sounds like perfection… “Oakmoss & Amber.” She also sells smudge sticks and incense.

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