12 Social Media Marketing Tools for Bloggers

Social media has become, what I like to call, a “necessary evil.” Remember when Facebook only let you sign up if you had a .edu email address? Hmm… those were the days 🙂 

Now, social media is something bloggers and brands feel obligated to do, and it’s totally understandable to feel that way. But, before I dive into some tools that can help you grow on social media, I think it’s important to say that you do not HAVE to do it. 

Go back to your blog’s mission and purpose. Did you start your blog as a place for a personal journal? If so, then you might not need to put in the work for thousands of followers on social media. If you’re trying to build a brand and make money, then social media becomes a little more of a need. 

But, you also don’t have to use EVERY channel. Find out where your audience is. For me, a majority of my audience is on Pinterest, so I focus my energy there instead of on the other channels. It’s all about your mission! 

Okay, so now we can jump into the tools — they’re all listed on Patreon! Patreon is where I put all of my exclusive, educational content about blogging, social media, and digital marketing.

There’s no monthly commitment, and there are already 70 posts there for you to devour. Plus, I post new content at least once each week (sometimes more). I hope to see you there!

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