Podcasts to Listen to During Women’s History Month.

As you probably know, March is Women’s History Month. I don’t think I’ve acknowledged this about March any other year, but for some reason it’s been on my mind this year. I did a Brainstorming Session for my Patreon channel on Women’s History Month and one of the ideas that came out of that was to create a list of podcasts to listen to about women’s history.

So, I stole that idea for myself! But, when I went searching for podcasts to recommend, I realized that there were already some pretty great lists out there… and you know what? I’m not above sharing those with you instead of creating my own. I am not much of history buff (at all), so me acting like I know what I’m talking about would be a total lie.

I’ve rounded up the lists for you, in case you’re looking for a new podcast to binge — I definitely am.

21 Podcasts that Celebrate Women’s History All Year Long | Bustle

This is a great list of podcasts. I’ve only listened to one on the list (Nerdette) and I’m not sure why I stopped! But, I’ve made a note of some additional ones I want to checkout, including “Queens Podcast,” “She Roars,” and “Ordinary Equality.”

Women’s History Month Podcasts | iHeart Radio

This list is individual episodes instead of entire libraries, but it includes some different options than the prior list I linked. There’s an episode from Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast, which I’m interested in — I watch the TV show but haven’t checked out the podcast yet!

27 Best Feminist Podcasts on Gender Equality and Equity | Mashable

This list is from 2020 so it’s not as fresh, but it has some creative options for you. I’ve listened to “Thirst Aid Kit” and it’s hilarious. “Chasing Cosby” is also on the list (I’m not entirely sure why, other than because his female victims got justice?) and that is one I’ve wanted to checkout for awhile.

Hopefully there’s something in there that sounds interesting! If you’ve got one you’re listening to (relevant to Women’s History Month) that’s not listed here, leave it in the comments so everyone can give it a listen.


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