How to Commit to a blogging schedule

I change my blogging schedule — or my content calendar — to fit my life. Yes, I try to keep things consistent so that readers know when they can expect to see new content, but I also have made the mistake of schedule TOO much for myself… which is never a good feeling.

So, I’m sharing tons of tips on Patreon today on how you can commit to a content calendar; even if you’re not someone who is a “planner.”

Patreon is where I’m sharing all of my educational content on blogging and digital marketing! I started it almost a year ago when I couldn’t have my in-person blogging classes at the University of Texas at Austin because of COVID.

I post something new at least once each week and already have a ton of great stuff in the queue for 2021. It’s an affordable way to learn new things with no commitment… even though I’m sharing how to keep your commitment 🙂

Hope to see you on Patreon!

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