Babe Lash Essential Serum

A Review: Babe Lash Essential Serum and Nourishing Mascara.

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Editor’s Note: The following post was written on January 22, 2019, but has been updated to include a more recent reflection of the product. Enjoy!

For Christmas, I asked for a lash serum that would help me get thicker, longer lashes. My mom came through and got me Essential Serum by Babe Lash.

Now, before I get into my review, I will say that I already do have pretty thick, long lashes. But! I have always loved a very thick lash – I put at least 5-6 coats of mascara on, even if it’s a really great mascara. I love very FULL lashes.

I’ve been wanting to try a lash serum for the greater part of a year, but honestly, I was worried that it would hurt, or what if I had an allergic reaction and my current eyelashes fell out?

Because of these fears, I didn’t even research lash serums. So, I’m going into this completely objective.

Babe Lash Essential Serum

Here is what Babe Lash says about the serum:

  • Strengthen, condition, and enhance your lashes in as little as 4 weeks

Here are the directions for using the product:

For best results, use Babe Eyelash Serum once daily, preferably at night. The skin should be clean and dry before application. Apply the serum to the skin right above your upper lash line. Use a single brush stroke for each eye. Avoid rubbing your eyes until the serum has dried.

When you are satisfied with the results, continue to use Babe Eyelash Serum two to three times a week to maintain lashes.

You may start to see results in as little as 4 weeks, but expect full results in three months.

I’ve been using the serum for about four weeks, however, I’ll be honest – I haven’t been very good about using it every night. I keep forgetting! I’d say I’ve used it at least four nights per week.

So far, I haven’t noticed any sensitivity in my lash area, and I do feel like my lashes feel fuller and stronger already. I took some pictures of my lashes before I started using the serum, and then again last night.

I’m going to take more pictures in another four weeks and see how they look!

Babe Lash Nourishing Mascara

My mom also got me the Babe Lash Nourishing Mascara (sensitive formula) after hearing some reviews that the serum caused sensitivity.

While I haven’t experienced that, I have been using the mascara and I love it! The brush is more flat and wide instead of round, and it gives my lashes a very natural, feathery look.

Babe Lash also sells fiber mascara, liquid eyeliner, and lash conditioner among other products. While the serum is a little bit of a splurge, it takes such a small amount each night, I’m sure one bottle would last 3-4 months.

Update on the Babe Lash Essential Serum

I’m so glad so many of you have found this review helpful and I often get messages about an update!

It’s now 2021 and I have continued using the Babe Lash Essential Serum. I never experienced any sensitivity or reaction, other than having great lashes.

The bottle lasted a long time and I’ve since purchased a new one. I’ve also gotten better about applying it every night and can always tell a difference when I’m not using it. Cheers to great lashes!

What lash serums or lash conditioners have you tried? I’d love to know what your experience with them has been!

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