Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Final girls.’

I wanted to read at least one “spooky” book for Halloween, and this was the one I chose: “Final Girls” by Riley Sager. 

I bought this when it came out in 2017, even though I’m not huge on thrillers. A fellow bookish friend read it and said it was good, so I bought it. I’ll read just about anything 🙂 

“Final Girls” is the story of Quincy, who is the sole survivor of.a sorority-style massacre 10 years ago. She went to a cabin in the woods to celebrate a friends’ birthday and everyone was killed… except her. 

Aside from being totally traumatized, the public has put her in a category of “Final Girls” — victims who were the sole survivor of similar-style killings. She has a two kindred spirits… until one of them comes up dead. 

Why? How? WHO? I know this sounds very scary and slashery… but if I can read it, probably you can too (unless you’re really, really scared, of course). 

There were several twists in this book that I really enjoyed, and one that sent me down a rabbit hole was, WHY was Quincy the sole survivor? The public wanted to know, too. What happened that night? Why was she spared? 

I don’t read this genre much, and even though I thought it was good, I asked some fellow readers how it compared to other books in the genre. Many of them said it was okay-to-good, but almost everyone suggested other books by Sager. 

So, if you’re looking for a good slasher this time of year – ha – Riley Sager might be a good place to start! 

The next book Blanche’s Book Club will be reading is “Friends and Strangers” by Courtney Sullivan. 

Also… this is my obligatory reminder to you to VOTE today if you haven’t yet! I voted a few weeks ago and packed my purse full of stuff in case I had to stay all day: water, granola bars, a book, and backup phone chargers. 

Make your voice heard today — you deserve it! 

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