Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Queenie.’

Okay… I don’t want to delay this at all. I didn’t finish this book. 

Normally, if I don’t like a book, I won’t write about it, because I don’t want to upset an author (writing a book is a huge accomplishment) and/or, I don’t see the point in sharing books you shouldn’t read. 

But this one is a little bit different. 

“Queenie” by Candice Carty-Williams is the story of Queenie, who is a journalist working and living in London. She’s going through a breakup and she’s doing it by sleeping with random men. 

This entire scenario was way too triggering for me to finish the book. I read half of it, and when she had to go to a health clinic to get tested for STDs, disease, and pregnancy, I stopped. 

Please understand that this is not about judgment… because that scenario is very similar to one I have lived. And it was SUCH a dark time in my life. 

When I read the book description, it did say the lead character would be sharing her dating life and compared it to “Bridget Jones”… but this didn’t seem like dating, more just like casual sex. It’s not for me, at least not right now. 

From the looks of the reviews — which are very mixed — it turns out that Queenie has a lot of emotional baggage to work out, and she gets the help she needs. 

So, if this sounds like your book, read it! The writing was good and there’s lots of text messages throughout the chapters, which I enjoyed. 

I was going to keep reading… and then I thought, Why?? Why would I do that to myself? 

So, there’s that. Please don’t hate me 🙂 

The next book I’ll be reading is “The Saturday Night Ghost Club” by Craig Davidson. I thought it would be good for Halloween. 

What books have you not been able to finish? Let’s not be ashamed to share! 

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