Box 5: Keep it chill.

I don’t know about you, but this has been a ROUGH week. I feel like my schedule is all out of whack, I’m having nightmares every time I go to sleep, and heard some bad news from a close friend.

And then there’s all that political junk. I mean, I just feel drained. I think it may call for a low-key weekend with very little social media (a break always seems to help).

I have a virtual book club meeting this evening, and then I think I’ll do some journaling and take some CBD. Sounds good, right?

I am still enjoying my Winc Wine Club subscription. It’s so nice to be able to try new wines that are affordable and I never have to worry that I won’t have a bottle on-hand.

So, box 5. I am a little late when I write these reviews because I usually have about 1 bottle a week, and I want to wait until I’ve tasted all of them before i start writing.

When I ordered this box, it was mid-August, and I was thinking that I’d be taking some of these bottles to the beach (nope). I was also thinking, “Oh this will be my last ‘summery’ box” so I ordered all wines that would be chilled: two whites, a rose, and a chillable red.

Here are the reviews:

2019 Cocomero Rosé | California

This wine apparently has a scratch-n-sniff label, which I definitely didn’t realize until now and the bottle is long gone 😦 It is a very cute label though. The Cocomero is a Winc favorite, rated nearly 4 stars. I wouldn’t say it’s the top rose I’ve had from Winc (I really loved the Summer Water), but it is light and drinkable — very fruity and juicy. It would be a crowd pleaser for a dinner party… whenever those are allowed again.

2019 Vinyasa Gewürztraminer | California

I tried a Gewurtztraminer many years ago and really loved how light and clean it tasted. Ever since, when I see a bottle, I get it — I don’t see them often so I feel I have to! This one was definitely much sweeter than others I’ve had and I wouldn’t get it again. I am just NOT into sweet wines. But… I did drink the entire bottle… I mean, I’m not wasteful. Ha!

2019 Far + Wide Grüner Veltliner Austria | Austria

This is a vegan wine that’s also low-sulfer, which I have come to learn is what I need. The sulfates in wine makes me sneeze. This one was just okay. I like it when I tasted it, but after swallowing it, I got that very grape-y aftertaste. It’s hard for me to explain, but it’s not a clean taste to me. So, I likely will not be ordering this one again. However, I did order a different varietal from the same vineyard that is in my next box. Cheers to second chances!

2019 Keep it Chill Chillable Red | Vin de France, France

This was the best bottle of the box… which I suppose isn’t saying much considering my reviews. I’d never had a “Chillable Red” before and I was thinking it would be like a rose. It is not. It’s a true red wine with a dry finish and it’s not sweet — my kind of wine! It is crisp and cool, but has an earthiness to it. I’ll be buying this again.

Per usual, this post is NOT sponsored, but I do have a referral link if you want to try Winc — you’ll get $22 off your first box, which would be less than $10 per bottle… I mean… CHEERS Y’ALL!

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