Watching: ‘Friends’ season 10.

Last year, I started watching “Friends” from episode 1 for the first time ever. I knew it was a show with a cult-following, and I’d seen a few random episodes on TV over the years, but… really didn’t know much about the show’s plot.

So, I was renting the seasons from the library… and then COVID came and everyone knows how that story ends.

When HBO Max came out in the spring, I was excited because I could pick right up with my “Friends” marathons. I sped through many of the seasons, sitting on my patio with wine and my iPad 🙂

But when it came time to watch season 10 — the final season — I will admit I slogged through it because I didn’t want it to be over.

And now… it’s over.

So, let me break down some of my favorite episodes of the final season.

At the beginning of the season, Rachel and Joey are still dating — I really love them together! Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler are on a journey to adopt a child, which has its rocky moments.

In episode 3, my favorite character, Ross, decides to get a spray tan, but obviously he cannot follow the directions of the spray tan booth — he counts too long and keeps getting ONLY the front of his body tan. Ha!!

In the next episode, it’s time for Emma’s first birthday and Rachel wants it to be perfect. But everyone is busy so it’s hard to gather the group for the party… and somehow Rachel ends up with a penis cake for the party.

By episode 10, Monica and Chandler are looking for a house in the suburbs, which just seems like the end of an era. Would would give up that apartment??

In episode 15, it turns out that the house they want to by just so happens to be right next door to a house that Chandler’s ex, Janice is interested in buying. I honestly DIED at these scenes… hilarious!

Before I knew it, it was the final episode, which had to include the dramatic airport scene between Ross and Rachel. i am all for love, but how many women are going to ditch Paris for a guy??? Paris is pretty great!

Anyway, it was sad to see the empty apartment, but I think it ended at the right time. I look forward to rewatching the episodes now and actually understanding the full picture.

Now, the question is… what should I watch next??

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