Winc wine club review

Box 4: A bonus bottle!

I am still very much enjoying my Winc Wine Club subscription! It’s so convenient and I’ve been able to try some delicious wines.

Right before it was time to place the order for my 4th box, I got an email from Winc that included a $15 credit. So, I decided to order an extra bottle for myself that month, and I also let myself get a little bit of a higher-end option (I usually stick to the $12-15 bottles).

So, here’s what was in my box:

2019 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Sauvignon Blanc | California

This bottle was $14 and delicious! It was aged in stainless steal, so it has a really crisp, refreshing flavor. It has a near-4-star rating on Winc, which is really good.

Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite varietal of white wine anyway, but this one was so drinkable. I will definitely be ordering this one again!

2018 Lost Poet® Red Blend | california

I cannot turn away from a red blend. If the description says “Jammy” then I’m buying it, and that’s what this one has going for it. I think a red blend is a good way to go if you’re headed to a gathering and plan to share — blends are drinkable and suitable for many palettes. This one is rated 4.2/5 on winc and I can taste why. Yum!

2019 Capuchon Rosé | California

Capuchon is a bit of a different style of rose because its Rhone grapes originated in France, but are now grown in California. It’s a little bit of a sweeter taste (the entire flavor wasn’t sweet), which admittedly isn’t my favorite. It was still good, and it’s rated a 4.0 on Winc. I think this would be great for those who may not think they like rose, and/or if they have a sophisticated palette.

2019 Field Theory® Albariño | California

This was one of the higher-end bottles I treated myself to, and wow — refreshing! It’s certainly good for warm-weather, but if you are a white wine fan, this would be good anytime. It had melon flavors, which I don’t taste often in white wine (it’s usually more stone fruit or floral for me). I’ll be getting this again when it’s time to treat myself 🙂

2017 Matchlock Cabernet Sauvignon | california

I’m usually more of a blend or merlot person, but I am trying to see where I fit in with cabs, and this one was GOOD. It’s also low-sulfer and eco-friendly. This one had that jammy richness, but also a layer of chocolate and spice, which I love… yumm.

I am looking forward to my next Winc order, which should be arriving any day now! If you’re interested in trying Winc, I have a code that will get you $22 off your first order. Cheers!

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