Box 3: Cider time!

I am still very much enjoying my Winc Wine Club subscription. I get four bottles per month (you can get as many or as few as you want), which allows me approximately one bottle per weekend and then it’s time to choose my next wines.

Here’s a closer look at the wines I got in my third box:

2019 Wonderful Wine Co.® Rosé | France

This line of wines was new to Winc when I picked it. It’s organic (and also vegan) and is a mix of Grenache and Syrah grapes, and it was a different flavor from other roses I’ve tried. It had more fruit flavors like watermelon, strawberry and rhubarb, over floral flavors that I usually taste. It was delish!

2019 #TBT® White Blend | California

This one was highly rated on Winc and I gulped it down. I am a fan of the white blends! This one actually has some Chardonnay grapes in it, which was a surprise to me. It had more of a tropical taste with light flavors of pineapple and melon — great for summer. I loved the label, too 🙂

2019 The Bluffer® Valdiguié | California

The Valdiguié grape is one of the rarest in California (it’s found in France and nowhere else), so it’s problematic that I guzzled this one! Any red with cherry or jam flavors is just too good and this one hit the mark. Will definitely be ordering again.

NV Eplevin Cider | California

Winc was out of other white wine that looked good — I am sure they’re getting slammed right now — so I picked a cider! They have several to choose from and I was excited to try this one as it seemed light; and it was. I was worried about drinking the whole bottle in one day or it might go flat, but I split it between a few days and it kept its fizz. It was good and not sweet, which I am always worried about with ciders.

If you’re interested in trying Winc, I have several boxes to give away. If you want one, feel free to leave a comment or email me at and I’ll send you the link!

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