A review: Michael Todd microdermabrasion system.

Hooray! I’m excited to share another skincare tool with you today. I bought this shortly after the holidays (ah, life before COVID) during a random errand at TJ Maxx.

I had been eyeing microdermabrasion tools because I have skin damage from previous acne, and I’ve been told by dermatologists that the only real way to get rid of it is to get regular treatments. However, I figured it would be more affordable if I could do them at home… maybe I had a premonition that we wouldn’t be able to go to spas this year??

Anyway, when I stumbled upon this Michael Todd kit in the clearance aisle, I snatched it up and ran to the checkout — ha! Here’s more information about the system:

This skin rejuvenating system combines diamond encrusted tips, sonic technology, vacuum suction and micronized misting to dramatically enhance the complexion. It targets dead dulling skin, rough texture, enlarged pores, black heads, congested pores, fine lines and uneven skin tone. Experience a safe and professional microdermabrasion treatment from the comfort of your home with the three-speed Sonic Refresher.

SYSTEM INCLUDES: Sonic Refresher Tool, Coarse Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Head, Fine Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Head, Small Fine Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Head, 3 Pore Extraction Tips
40 Disposable Filters, Built-In Micronized Misting, Digital LCD Display, 3 Customizable Speeds, Wireless Charging/Storage Cradle, USB Charging Cable

SKIN TYPES: Ideal for all skin types, including sensitive when used with the Wet feature

WHAT IT DOES: The diamond tip wet/dry sonic microdermabrasion and micronized misting combine to remove, reset, refine and rehydrate for a completely rejuvenated complexion with a more youthful radiant glow.

A lot of stuff, right? The first time I used it, I was a little intimidated given all of the pieces, but once you get started, I found it to be really easy. I’ve used the tool probably 10 times by now. The directions don’t have much information about how often you should use it, but a quick Google search said in the beginning you could do it more frequently, and then ease off as you get the initial results.

Now, I’m not a dermatologist, so I cannot say any of this with certainty. But, if you’re trying out this tool, or any tool, I say watch how your skin reacts and then determine how often to use it. I did read that once you use this tool, you should not exfoliate for at least three days.

I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the tips, but I just followed the order and the instructions for each and that’s how I’ve used it every single time.

The three different suction speeds are NO JOKE… I am convinced I’ll be able to use the higher speeds at some point, but I’m currently on speed one – ha!

I’ve found that using a toner or a micellar water between tips helps keep the skin from getting sucked into the tool… and risk getting a bruise. The suction is meant to suck out everything you are scraping off.

The one part of the tool that I found to be worthless was the mister. There is a small opening below the nozzle that is supposed to mist your face… I don’t know if I got a botched tool in that area, but the mist was like a drip of water, ha!

If you’re curious, the charge lasts for awhile. I used it five or six times before charging it, and even then it wasn’t on a low battery.

However, I still think this is a great item to have. I used it once a week for about a month and then moved to every two weeks and so forth. I have one area of skin that is particularly bothersome and stubborn, and I felt like when I was really being good about using the microdermabrasion system, it was improving.

I randomly saw pieces of the system — such as filters and nozzles — on sale at Ulta, so if something gets lost or you need more, you wouldn’t have to buy an entirely new system.

The system is normally $100 and if you’re reading this today (the 11th), it’s on sale at Macy’s for $70, which is a good deal! I also found the teal one on Amazon for $50, which is what.I paid for it at TJ Maxx.

This beauty review is not sponsored — nor are any of the reviews on this blog. I am a beauty and skincare junkie and enjoy sharing the products I love right here! For more reviews and similar posts, please subscribe to the blog by clicking subscribe on the right side of your screen. Cheers!


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