How to celebrate Christmas in July!

Merry Christmas… in July! I celebrated Christmas in July last year and had so much fun, and this year, I think everyone could use a little more fun, right?

I am specifically excited about celebrating it today because it’s when the Hallmark Channel starts playing their Christmas movies 24/7 for 16 days… yes!

Here’s a few ways I’ll be celebrating Christmas in July this year:

Christmas Ornaments are on sale in my Etsy shop!

Every year, I made dozens of gold or silver leaf Christmas ornaments for my Etsy shop. For the month of July, I’ve marked ALL of my current inventory down by 20% and you’ll get free shipping.

It’s not December yet, but I mean, who’s stopping you from preparing now? Heck, you should probably go ahead and put up your tree.

Get in the kitchen and bake something

I don’t have a ton of baking supplies in my kitchen right now, but I do have a coconut cake mix and some icing, so I might whip that up and put red and green sprinkles on it 🙂

I also probably have enough flour, sugar and eggs to make cookies, so who knows — might be time to pull out my Christmas cookie cutters. Last year, I made frozen hot chocolate, which is really easy if you have hot coco mix and a blender!

Watch the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July

I love watching Hallmark movies all year ’round, but the Christmas movies are especially fun. They are starting the first movie at 12pm/11am CST today and will continue to play them for two weeks.

They aren’t showing any new movies this year (during July), but they are showing some of my favorites, such as “Christmas Duet”, “A Very Merry Mixup” and “Switched at Christmas”.

To take the celebrations to another level, I actually made a Christmas in July BINGO card specifically for Hallmark Christmas movies!

I’m offering it to anyone who signs up for my newsletter — just type in your email address and you’ll get the BINGO card 🙂 If you’re already subscribed to the newsletter, don’t worry, you won’t get two newsletters. Still put in your email address to get it immediately and start the fun!

I also made a printable version that has additional squares and it’s in my Etsy Shop! There’s a single card or a family pack of 6 cards. Can you tell I’m excited?!

I have been working all week so that I can finish my to-do list early today, make some popcorn and watch Christmas movies! With everything canceled (I just had another trip that was supposed to be in September get canceled), it’s stuff like this we’re going to have to be excited about.

Merry Christmas!

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