Watching: ‘Friends’ season 7.

It’s been almost a year since I wrote about my journey watching “Friends” for the FIRST time! I decided to start watching it last year, and was renting the seasons on DVD one-at-a-time from the library.

Well, the library has been closed since mid-March and it doesn’t look like it’s going to open any time soon (thank you, Governor Abbott). So, I was really excited when I found out two things: 1. That I got HBO Max for free since I already have HBO, and 2. That HBO Max is the new home to all of the “Friends” seasons!

I started watching right where I left off, which was season 7. If you’re like me and had never seen season 7, spoiler alerts ahead. Here’s the scoop on season 7:

Things kick off with Monica and Chandler celebrating their engagement with a party in Monica’s apartment. However, Monica accuses Rachel of trying to steal her thunder when she kisses Ross in the hallway.

As the wedding planning begins, Monica’s parents tell her they used the wedding fund for a beach condo, and then she finds out Chandler has a big enough savings to cover the wedding of her dreams.

Meanwhile, Phoebe moves into Ross’ apartment for a little while and takes her massage clients there, which pisses Ross off. That is, until an attractive woman shows up for a massage and he invites her in… only to find out it’s her DAD that needs the massage and Ross ends up massaging him using wooden spoons and Tonka trucks (died laughing at this episode).

At Ralph Lauren, Rachel needs to hire an assistant, and she has to choose between a qualified person and a hot guy. She chooses the hot guy.

Rachel starts dating him a few episodes later, around the same time Ross gives Phoebe her first bicycle… which she cannot ride.

The wedding planning continues and Monica starts looking for a dress, which ends up in a heated competition at a discounted bridal sale.

Denise Richards makes an appearance later in the season as Monica and Ross’ cousin, and she initially plans to stay at Monica and Chandler’s… only Chandler can’t stop staring at her. She heads to Ross’ apartment and then HE can’t stop staring at her, so she goes to Phoebe’s… you get the picture.

The season ends with Monica and Chandler’s wedding, and a mysterious positive pregnancy test in the bathroom at Monica’s apartment. It is later revealed that the test is Rachel’s and the season ends.

I don’t know if I was in desperate need of laughter or if this season was THAT good, but I really enjoyed watching it!

I don’t particularly enjoy Monica and Chandler as characters and I find their relationship to be strange and not believable, but there’s enough other characters to keep my interest.

I’ve already started watching season 8, so I’ll be recapping it here, soon! TGIF!!

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