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‘Southern Charm’: Ain’t No Thang Like a Chicken Wing.

The ‘Southern Charm’ season finale!

Helloooo! I know I’m nearly a WEEK late on my “Southern Charm” recap – I did watch it last Monday night while I was in Indiana, and missed being able to write about it immediately after. But it’s finally here!

You may recall at the end of the previous episode, Landon’s behavior toward Kathryn pretty much shocks the group and that’s where things were left off. The whole scene triggered something in Thomas, and now he’s convinced Landon was just into social climbing, and he’s completely turned off. Relationship = over.

This means that whole beginning scene in the season was a DAMN waste! Argh, Bravo!

On the other hand, there’s Chelsea and Austen. After Austen stood up for Chelsea with the whole Shep shebang, there’s clearly a question in the air about where they stand. Even though Chelsea says she doesn’t want a relationship, they stayed in the same room in Key West, took morning swims together, and seem to be getting along awfully nicelyyyy…

The entire question really comes to a head in one of the final scenes of the season – where Shep has another lady on his lap. Boy is Chelsea FUMING! She confronts him afterward, saying he made her look like a fool, and he’s all, “Well you’re the one who said you didn’t want a relationship.”

So she eats her words and they are officially together. Aw!

Meanwhile, Craig and Naomi are still on the rocks. They have yet another pretty rocky conversation, and it almost looks as if they’re going to break up… but they don’t. However, I am really curious to see where they are at once the reunion airs.

In the end, there were two things that stuck out in this episode: 1. The group spends an entire evening riding around Key West on mopeds, which sounds like no big deal, but it looks hilarious.

Dani faints at a bar and half of the group panics and calls 911, while the other half are out on the town and they speed off to the hospital on their mopeds. It was funny, trust me.

The other thing was that things between Kathryn and Thomas start to get so good… that she tells him she feels the urge to kiss him, so they kiss! By the time the final party rolls around, the entire city knows about it and just CANNOT deal.

Naturally, when the episode ends – we’re left not knowing where they stand. So much reunion fodder!


So Cosmo: ‘Fun Fearless Females’.

The editorial staff at 'Cosmopolitan'.

The editorial staff at ‘Cosmopolitan’.

It’s been a minute since I was THIS excited for a TV show to start, and yet not only do we have a season of “So Cosmo” to look forward to, but also the last season of “Girls” premiers this weekend, and “Big Little Lies” isn’t too far behind.

But anyway, let’s get right on into this premier of “So Cosmo”!

We are greeted by the lovely accent of Cosmo’s Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles. She explains to us minion that Cosmo is the top-selling magazine, #1 on SnapChat, the first to all the fashion shows, blah, blah, I mean, what about Vogue? Anyone?

Joanna is walking into the office and it’s very “Devil Wears Prada” as the walls are all glass, and her assistant is waiting for her with a copy of all the papers and ready to fetch coffee. Oh dear.

The editorial meeting is next where they pitch the HARD-HITTING news of manicures that are inspired by cocktails!

Later, Joanna meets with the Chief of Staff to talk about a “big announcement” that will be made to the staff and she’s unsure how everyone is going to take it.

And then we shoot back to one week earlier (I hate it when TV shows do this). There’s already some shade between Diondra (Branding) and Steve (Booking). Steve is confused as to what Diondra’s job is – although she’s verrrry close to Joana. Shade, y’all.

Most of the staff is gearing up to shoot an “edgy” cover featuring Ruby Rose. Tiffany, senior fashion editor, is your typical #BossLady. She knows her shit and she’s got it together – all the way down to the organization of the fashion closet.

The team is looking for a new fitness contributor, so basically everyone gets to work out with the final two hot dudes to pick the winner. AWESOME.

Meanwhile, one of the potential fitness contributors, Evan, texts Diondra asking her to dinner. Uh, what? She goes!!! Sooo… it’s cute, they talk, but he makes it look like he doesn’t date much (yeah, right), and he chose her for this date because he’s ready. LIAR.

But when it comes time to decide who to hire for the fitness contributor position, the entire team wants Evan, while Diondra LIES and says she wants the other guy. Really, she just doesn’t want to have the hots for a coworker.

Have no fear though, because Joanna swooped right in like a well-defined Instagram brow, and called Diondra right on her shit. BLOOP. So, Diondra hires Evan and tells herself that her job comes first, and she can’t be distracted by pretty boys.

At the end of the episode, we’ve reached that “big announcement” Joanna wanted to make to the staff. And she says that after four years, she is leaving Cosmo. That she will be vacating her office that afternoon.

Needless to say, the staff is freaking out. Editor changes often mean STAFF changes. However, when they show the preview for the remainder of the season, Joanna is still in the episodes, and so is the staff, so we’ll see.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t take everything I freaking had not to Google it! Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the rest of this show, and I hope you’ll watch it with me!