How to take better photos for your blog.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Content is king” … and it remains to be. When I think about content, I often think about what I’m going to write. But, content can come in many forms, including photos and videos.

After all, the internet is a very visual place. Often, photos or videos… or any visual… can help your blog readers create a memory in their mind. A visual enhances what you’re trying to say via text.

That’s why photos are so important if you want to have a successful blog! When I go back and look at old blog posts, I cringe at the photos — heck, many of my posts didn’t have a single photo in them!

Now, it’s likely you have a smartphone of some sort, and that means you can take great photos to post on your blog and corresponding social media channels.

Seriously, you don’t need a professional camera to take great pictures (but if you have one, that’s cool, too).

So today on The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon, I’m sharing 8 tips for taking great photos for your blog. I have taken a majority of the photos on this blog for years and have only used my smartphone by following these tips.

By joining The Bitter Lemon’s Patreon, you get access to this post, but to loads of exclusive content that I add to every week (sometimes multiple times per week). You’re also supporting me in my goal to create content for a living 🙂

Hope to see you there!

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