Blanche’s Book Club: ‘No Way Down’.

It’s quarantine day five and I feel like people are starting to crack. Those of us that already work from home, suffer from social anxiety, or are natural introverts (all three are me) are thriving, while everyone else is bored out of their minds.

I am still working per usual (which I am very thankful for) so I haven’t had much time for quarantine activities — however, I’m sure it’ll sink in this weekend.

But, in the meantime, Blanche’s Book Club just finished “No Way Down: Life and Death on K2” by Graham Bowley. Here’s the scoop:

In the tradition of Into Thin Air and Touching the Void, No Way Down by New York Times reporter Graham Bowley is the harrowing account of the worst mountain climbing disaster on K2, second to Everest in height… but second to no peak in terms of danger. From tragic deaths to unbelievable stories of heroism and survival, No Way Down is an amazing feat of storytelling and adventure writing, and, in the words of explorer and author Sir Ranulph Fiennes, “the closest you can come to being on the summit of K2 on that fateful day.”

This is probably not a book I would pick up on my own, but it is one (of about 10) books my dad left for me when he passed away. My dad was always reading and he enjoyed reading books about real life, particularly those written by journalists and/or those that shared stories of success or survival.

I, too, enjoy books like this… and this one was INTENSE. Bowley starts off the preface by saying he had no idea why people would subject themselves to the dangers on K2. This type of thinking is what led him to write the book; he interviewed survivors and family members and friends of those that didn’t survive to find out what made people seek out such an adventure.

The stories were gruesome (I caught myself cringing a few times) and it really puts you in the thick of the action.

Did I love this book? No. However, it’s well-written and I think anyone that’s interested in the topic would enjoy it.

The next book Blanche’s Book Club will be reading is “Nothing to See Here” by Kevin Wilson — a book suggestion from the Readheads Book Club!

In other news, I’m thinking of putting together a Quarantine reading guide in the next few days. If so, what types of books would you rather read while in quarantine: escapist beach reads or books on pandemics and world takeover? I’m thinking the former, but you never know! Let me know in the comments.

Stay healthy out there!

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