A Review: Skims Sculpting Bra.

When I heard about Kim Kardashian launching a shape-wear line, I didn’t think much about it. I haven’t worn shapewear much in my life, mostly just because I haven’t had occasions where I felt like I needed it.

I had a strap-optional tube dress type of shapewear in college for sorority functions, and I remember it being kind of expensive… but not high quality. It rolled up at the thighs, and if you were really looking, you could see where the shapewear ended, and my thighs bulged out underneath.

Even the bra built-in to the shapewear was a bust: thinly padded and didn’t stay up well without the straps. I think many of these issues are common among women who wear shapewear — it’s a necessity, but it’s difficult to find quality products for whatever you’re looking for.

After Skims launched, I started hearing excellent reviews about it; it really sucked everything in but was also comfortable. What?!

So, I looked on the Skims website and saw that the items were not ridiculously priced. And there were several items I wanted to try. Most things were sold out, so I put my name on a list to be notified of a restocking.

When I got the notification, my skin tone wasn’t available, but I was happy to get the solid black: Onyx.

The Sculpting Bra is $32 and comes in nine shades. Here is the official product description:

This lightweight bralette provides support and shapeliness without sacrificing comfort or adding bulk. The supple feel and seamless construction make this sculpting piece an everyday layering staple that enhances your body’s natural shape.

I am a 34C and have always laughed at the idea of being able to wear bralettes. However, in the last few years, I have taken to wearing bralettes to bed, and they are so comfortable.

Once I started working from home, I started wearing them more during the day or just wearing a sports bra if I’m going to yoga or dance at some point 🙂 As long as it’s supportive and things stay in place, there’s no reason I can’t wear a bralette. Plus, they are SO much more comfortable than an underwire.

I ordered a size small, which felt weird since NOTHING for my top half has ever been considered small. But that’s what the size chart said. When I got the package, I was sure it would not fit me. It was barely bigger than my hand!

But… that sucker can stretch like I’ve never seen! The small fit, and even though I’ve been wearing it for a few months now, I still can’t believe it.

It’s everything it said it would be – comfortable and holds everything in, but doesn’t press down like a sports bra often does. The straps are adjustable, and there’s a silicone band at the bottom of the bra (where it hits the ribs) and it keeps it from moving up or down. The whole thing is really impressive!

It doesn’t have padding — which is usually what I go for — but I plan accordingly. Give the small size when it’s not being worn, I’d say the only downfall is that it’s a bit of a struggle to get on.

The other thing is that the items are always sold out! I hope it gets to a point where there’s not such a big deal about launches and restocks and the items will be (generally) available when you want them.

Other than that, though, I love it. I actually really want to try some of the other Skims items, including the Core Control Thong, Bandeau Bra, Cotton Triangle Bralette and the Cotton Rib Thermal Leggings.

This Skims review is not sponsored — nor are any of the reviews on this blog. I am a beauty, skincare and pop-culture junkie and enjoy sharing the products I love right here! For more reviews and similar posts, please subscribe to the blog by clicking subscribe on the right side of your screen. Cheers!

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