I just finished watching ‘Glee’ season one!

On New Year’s Eve, I started watching season one of “Glee” for the first time. I know it was really popular when it was airing on Fox, but I have never seen a single episode… and I’m not sure why.

The show follows a glee club called New Directions after it is renamed and recreated by a teacher (who is also a former glee-club member), Mr. Schuester, who gets them competing on the show choir circuit for the first time.

The show takes place at McKinley High School (in Ohio) where the cheerleading squad — known as The Cheerios — gets a majority of the budget because they win so many of the competitions. As the glee club gets better and better, Mr. Schuester is pitted against cheer coach Sue Sylvester. As the season continues, Sylvester pulls out ALL the stops to bring the New Directions down.

Of course, this show is about much more than a glee club — it’s about surviving high school and all of the drama that comes with it. One of the main characters Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) not only wants to be a famous singer, but she also has two dads, and goes through a few episodes of finding her mom.

There’s so, so much drama surrounding pregnancy. One of the cheerleaders is pregnant, while Mr. Schuester’s wife wants to have a baby to save their marriage. She ends up having a “hysterical pregnancy”, where her body goes through all of the symptoms of being pregnant, but isn’t.

However, she keeps up the façade for quite some time… and wow, there’s so many issues surrounding this (it’s very addicting)! Similarly, there’s drama regarding the teen pregnancy and who the real father is, because of course 🙂

Character Kurt struggles with coming out to his father, and a few funny episodes occur when he convinces his dad that football practice involves leotards and dancing… and when his dad attends his first game, the football team performs a full-out rendition of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.”

With 22 episodes in the season, there’s so much more that happened, but I won’t give it away — just in case there’s anyone else like me who hasn’t watched it yet. I actually bought seasons one and two… because my library account is still suspended (I swear I’m working on it).

But, I’m excited to start season two — not tonight because LSU is playing in the National Championship — and am really curious to see how all of the seasons play out!

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  1. Mecca

    I had watched the first 3 seasons each when they originally aired, but literally just finished the rest of the series this past November. It’s good entertainment, and as someone who spent much of his high school/college life doing performance arts it brought back good memories.

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