A Review: Peace Out, Pores! Complexion Prep Set by Tarte.

Yesterday really seemed to FLY by… I stayed up later than I planned to on Friday, and set my alarm for 8 on Saturday to starting getting things done… but kept hitting my snooze button until 9:30. By the time I got up, ate breakfast and got dressed, it was time to go to dance class, and I felt like the day just disappeared so quickly.

I have some work to do today and am planning to end my day with yoga and sound healing — it’s the best way to end the weekend.

But, the weekend can’t end without a review (I have been trying to post these every weekend and I have so many new things to write about in the coming months)! This week, I’m sharing my thoughts on a Tarte set: Peace Out, Pores!

I got this from Ulta a few months ago — I think there was a sale on Tarte products or a free gift offer (I love a free gift). But I like getting sets, partly because they are really great for travel.

I took this set on three trips this summer — New York, San Francisco and Baton Rouge. I was pretty sure I developed my opinion about it after the first trip, but tried it a few more times for good measure. Before I go any further, there’s the scoop:

No pores, no problem! Peace Out, Pores! Tarte Complexion Prep Set is a value set that features 3 oil-control cuties perfect for keeping your makeup matte all day long.

Why Tarte Loves It: It’s the perfect try-me trio for matte-lovin babes!


• Deluxe Shape Tape Setting Powder (0.07 oz)

• Deluxe Shape Tape Pore & Prime Balm (0.05 oz)

• Deluxe Shape Tape Stay Spray Setting Mist (0.24 oz)

Deluxe Shape Tape Setting Powder

Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Setting Powder by Tarte is a vegan translucent powder that flawlessly balances skin while baking & setting your makeup so it lasts all day, all while preventing flashback in photos (puff included for on-the-go application).

I’ve never really used an official setting powder. I do set my makeup with powder, but I usually just use loose powder — Makeup Revolution and Maybelline are some of my favorites — so I was really curious about this one.

I used it as my powder (all over my face) and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it! It really is translucent, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right shade, and it’s very light. I always use full-coverage foundation, so I wasn’t worried about the powder being light or sheer. I would definitely be interested in buying the full-size!

Deluxe Shape Tape Pore & Prime Balm

Fine lines? Pores? Never heard of ’em. This vegan, can’t-believe-it’s-not-silk primer makes makeup glide on smoother & last longer than Mondays. Plus, it comes in an on-the-go compact with a sponge!

I’ve used primer spray, primer oil, primer gel… but never a balm! And… I absolutely hated this product. I felt like I couldn’t even get it on my skin correctly. It was not warming up enough to get what I felt like was enough product to really get on my skin. I tried applying it with my fingers, with my beauty sponge and a brush and nothing worked. My foundation slid right off, and sometimes, the balm actually balled up while I was putting on the foundation. Terrible!

I looked at the reviews on Ulta, because I feel like those are a pretty good representation of the product (not always, but). It has three stars, and I was relived to see I wasn’t the only one who had their makeup slide right off. Like I mentioned, I gave this a fair chance (three different trips) and I’ll be tossing the rest in the trash.

Deluxe Shape Tape Stay Spray Setting Mist

Party like a lockstar Shape Tape Stay Spray, a vegan, weightless setting spray that locks down makeup for 16 hours! It sets your makeup & helps to make it waterproof, sweatproof, & transfer-proof.

Setting spray is a VITAL part of my makeup routine — even if I’m only planning to wear it for a few hours. This one was light and pretty impressive considering I tested it all summer — it was pretty hot in New York, and really windy in San Francisco! I don’t know if this beats my favorite (Morphe) but I’d say this is worth it if you’re looking for something to try.

Overall, a solid set! I am definitely going to add the setting powder and the spray to my list of things to purchase (in the full size)… and for reference, both of those items had 4/5 stars on Ulta. I’ll take it!

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