A Review: Neal’s Yard Remedies Skincare Kit.

Happy Wednesday that feels like a Tuesday! I’m so excited for today’s post because it’s taking me back to my time in London. Before my trip, I saw so many articles and Pinterest posts about Neal’s Yard, which is a hidden street with a small courtyard.

All of the shops and restaurants are brightly painted, it’s very cute! But Neal’s Yard is also known for Neal’s Yard Remedies, which is a modern apothecary, with natural and organic skincare and beauty products.

They have several locations (there’s a store locator on their website), so if you’re ever near one, stop in and just take a giant INHALE — it smells so good!

Anyway, while we were in the shop, they had several kits put together, where it was four items in a cosmetic bag. There was a Rehydrating Rose Skincare Kit, Purifying Palmarosa Skincare Kit, Nourishing Orange Flower Skincare Kit, and a Rejuvenating Frankincense Skincare Kit, among others.

I got their Award Winning Skincare Kit, which said it was an introduction to their award winning natural and organic skincare favorites. The products have won literal awards! The Kit includes their Wild Rose Beauty Balm, White Tea Facial Mist, Beauty Sleep Concentrate and Reviving White Tea Face Mask.

So, I’ve tried everything (I’ve even used all of one product) and I’m here to report back about it ALL. Here goes:

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

According to Neal’s Yard, this is a cult favorite and has won multiple awards including Best Beauty Product at the Beauty Bible Awards. Here’s the product description for the Beauty Balm:

Made with antioxidant-rich wild rosehip seed oil, it can be used as an exfoliating cleanser with a muslin cloth or an intense moisture boost for naturally radiant skin.

Okay, for this I actually bought a muslin cloth from Neal’s Yard. I have used a few other beauty balms (I use Beauty Counter’s every night and have dabbled with Kopari’s Coconut Melt) and I enjoy using a muslin cloth. But, you can also use a regular washcloth.

I used the Beauty Balm to remove my makeup and apply about an almond-size amount of Balm to a dry face and massage it in for about a minute. Then I put warm/hot water on the muslin cloth and wipe away the balm and makeup.

You can use this same method even if you don’t have makeup on your face. But, it can honestly be used for anything, which is probably why people love it so much! You can use it as a lip balm, your cuticles, tame your eyebrows with it, put it on your elbows or heels… the options are endless!

It smells amazing, is not greasy, and is all natural, so it’s safe to use however you need. This is the best Beauty Balm I’ve tried so far!

White Tea Facial Mist

I was excited to try this because I love facial mists! I used to think it was so silly that people paid money for water in a spray bottle when they could just splash water on their face, but obviously it’s so much different than that. Here is the product description for the White Tea Facial Mist:

For a moment of calm refreshment, spritz on this gentle mist to cool and soothe – great for all skin types. This antioxidant-rich pick me up is perfect at any time of day.

So… this is the product I’ve already used ALL of. It smelled so good! I use a Facial Mist after I wash my face, in the morning and at night, and sometimes after a face mask — anytime I think my face could use some extra moisture, and then I usually follow it up with a moisturizer.

This Mist has bergamot and lavender in it, so it’s calming for the skin and many of the product reviews on the website say it helps reduce swelling. I loved using this!

Reviving White Tea Face Mask

When I was trying out these products, I used them in the order I’ve listed them here — cleansed the face, used the spray, and then applied the mask. I love a face mask, but I’m weary of clay masks because they can be so drying and sometimes itchy on my skin. Here’s the description of the Reviving White Tea Face Mask:

Once or twice a week, indulge your skin and your senses with this detoxifying facial mask. It helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance while drawing our impurities.

The cool thing about using all-natural products is you can use them pretty much however you want — no need to freak out when you leave a mask on for more than 15 minutes.

This mask was not drying or itchy — it was actually soft! I still have enough left to do at least two more masks and I’m really happy about it.

Beauty Sleep Concentrate

Finally, I applied the Beauty Sleep Concentrate. I’m currently on the hunt for a great night cream that will do everything while I sleep, so I was really excited to try this.

Here’s the description for the Beauty Sleep Concentrate: A lightweight serum made with a smoothing tripeptide and calming essential oils. It supports your skin’s natural night time rejuvenation and your skin feels replenished when you wake up in the morning.

I have only used it three or four times, and I’m sure if I used it every night I would see a clear result. However, when I have used it, my skin feels very soft in the mornings, plus it smells great!

The customer reviews are all five-stars, with people saying it helps reduce fine lines. Fantastic!

So, basically I loved all of the products, including the cosmetic bag and the muslin cloth. But it’s pretty expensive to order it overseas (but there are a few items available on Amazon)… so obviously I need to go back to London!

Other Announcements…

I have a few other exciting announcements, non-skincare related! First, I am so excited to announce that I’m joining another female entrepreneur who owns a bakery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and we are hosting a Blogging Boot Camp!

The Blogging Boot Camp is scheduled for Saturday, September 28 from 10-4 at CounterspaceBR, and we will cover search engine optimization (SEO), writing tips, photo styling and flat lays, and content calendars. You’ll also get to meet other bloggers, and lunch is included with the ticket price, as is a lil happy hour afterward.

It’s really going to be a FUN Saturday full of learning and hands-on activities. It’s perfect if you’ve already got an idea for a blog, but still need a jump start to really get things kicked off.

If you know you want to blog, but aren’t sure what your focus would be, CounterspaceBR will be hosting a free brainstorming session a few weeks before the Boot Camp.

So, if you’re interested, please register (click here to register) — there is only space for 15 people, so book it now, y’all!

Okay, the other news is that I’m now offering Creative Sessions via scheduled phone appointments. This is a way people can work with me on a smaller basis, without a contract.

So, if you want to brainstorm new blog post ideas with a professional, or maybe you need a social media strategy, or help with targeted keywords, you can digitally pay and book a 45-minute session with me and we’ll get to business and end with a list of action items for you to keep on trucking!

I’m trying to offer more and more things like this that are my own and not fully client-based, if that makes sense, so be on the look out for more goodies in the future.

It’s the last day of my Blogging for Beginners class at UT this semester, so I’m about to go get ready to send a new batch of bloggers into the blogosphere — happy Humpday everyone!

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