A Review: KISS magnetic lash.

I realized a few days ago that I don’t share much beauty-related content here, which makes NO sense because I am a beauty junkie! My closet and drawers are full of skincare products and all sorts of makeup, I’m always placing Ulta orders, and I love watching makeup tutorials.

So, I’m going to make more of an effort to dab some of that stuff here — why not? A lifestyle blogger I follow (Katy from “Living My Best Style“) shared a tutorial for the magnetic lashes she wears every day (she wears the Ardell Wispies).

I’ve seen a little big about magnetic lashes before, but never really gave them much thought. However, watching her tutorial got me thinking… I have never had much luck with strip lashes (I only attempt to wear them for dance performances), I can’t afford lash extensions, and I am always trying to go for a fuller lash look, especially when I do a full face of makeup.

So, when I went to Walgreens a few weeks later, they were having a sale on all beauty items — buy two, get one free — and you could mix and match. So, I picked up a set of KISS magnetic lashes (I got the KEML02 set), along with Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder and Almay Lip Vibes matte lipstick in “Go Wild”.

Between the magnetic lashes (influenced by Katy), the powder (suggested by Jaclyn Hill), and the lipstick (suggested by Courtney from Bring Your Own Beauty)… it’s clear to say that I’ve been heavily influenced. I’m okay with it!

Anyway, back to the lashes. When I got home, I played around with them a little. These lashes are what I’d call “Medium Glam” — they are full across the entire lash line, but not too much for every day wear.

Currently, there are four different types of KISS magnetic lashes:

  • KEML01 – These are accent lashes meant to highlight your outer corners, and they are likely the most natural-looking set
  • KEML02 – This is what I got. KISS says they are for special occasions, but I say all day every day!
  • KEML03 – These are also full across the entire lash and have a flared finish.
  • KEML04 – These are also more for the ends of your lash line, but are more dramatic than the 01 set.

In her tutorial, Katy said one set of lashes usually lasts her one month, wearing them every single day. The set of lashes was $13 and came with an applicator that also had magnets on it. Each eye technically needs two lash strips: one that goes on top of your natural lash and one that goes underneath — a lash sandwich, if you will.

Each lash strip has three tiny magnets on it — one on each end and one in the middle — and they click together pretty fast! I tried several times using the applicator with bare lashes (no mascara or primer) and honestly, I didn’t have much luck.

I looked up different ways to put them on, and I tried a few different methods, but ultimately, here’s what worked for me:

  • Wearing my usual lash primer and mascara, letting everything dry completely before applying the magnetic lash
  • Have the lashes placed in a handy area so you don’t have to search for them once you’re in the middle of applying
  • Don’t use the provided applicator (it looks cool but doesn’t work)
  • Line up the top lash where you want it
  • Without moving your lashes, bring up the bottom lash and line it up accordingly, paying close attention to the end magnets
  • They will click into place and you can wiggle them around to line them up

The hardest part is getting them to curve with your natural lash line, which is why you can’t be afraid to use your fingers and line things up. When I tried the applicator, it would snap the lashes in a straight line and they looked unnatural.

I don’t wear these every day (since I work from home, I don’t wear makeup every day), but I’ve worn them every time I’ve put on make up and I love them!

They look fantastic and are very secure; I don’t feel like they’re going to fall off. Wearing the mascara really gives them something to grip to, and it helps them blend in with your natural lashes.

At first, they felt sort of weird, like how strip lashes have felt, but after a day of wear, I didn’t notice it.

When I take them off at night, I place them back in their original container (it has magnets on it to hold them in place) and they still look new.

I definitely think it’s a plus that you don’t have to use glue, because there’s no chance of messing up your already-set eye makeup — especially if you’re a fan of black adhesive!

The first time I went to Las Vegas, I wore strip lashes to the pool… because #Vegas and it was SO hot outside, my dried glue melted and my lashes were falling off mid-pool party. It was not a good look, but that wouldn’t happen with these!

I definitely think they are worth a try, and I’d love to know if you’ve tried magnetic lashes, or even if you use strip lashes. Lashes for daaayyyssssss!

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