What I packed for a week in London.

Since booking this trip, I went back and forth on what I should bring. Since I’ll have to lug my stuff onto the train a few times, I’m following the same thing I did when I went to New York City: pack light.

To me, packing light doesn’t mean going without, it’s really more about packing smart and packing only the things you’ll need. For me, this means no extra clothes or outfit changes in the same day, and I’m skipping a winter coat.

When I packed, the weather looked fairly nice, with the possibility of a chill, so I packed layers, including a denim jacket that I can wear with everything (found it on Poshmark for $12) and a Land’s End puffer vest that I can wear over a sweater and/or my rain jacket (a Goodwill find for $10). I also packed a scarf, hat, and gloves, so I can bundle up, if needed.

I didn’t pack anything fashion-forward, but chose comfort instead and packed mostly athlesuire. For shoes, I brought a pair of new Steve Madden tennies, and a pair of flat knee-high boots mostly to wear to tea, and if it’s ever super cold.

For makeup and toiletries, I saved tons of room by going for a makeup palette. My favorite is one from Smashbox that has a face powder, bronzer, blush, and highlighter all in one, plus a built-in mirror. When I travel, I use my bronzer and/or highlighter as eyeshadow, toss in a foundation stick, mascara, and you’re good to go.

I also limited myself to two lipsticks and very little jewelry – just basic items that will go with everything.

My main worry for this trip was the long flight. Since this is my first trip overseas, I was worried. As a kid, I often got sick on flights, and although my motion sickness has gotten even worse over the years, the 24-hour Dramamine has proven to be a savior.

Still, though, I worry that I’ll feel anxious on the plane or be unable to sleep, or that I won’t want to eat the food being served. For that reason, I packed a pretty full carry-on bag with snacks (protein bars, crackers, nuts, candy, gum, instant oatmeal, and teabags), my iPad, magazines (Real Simple, Elle), an inflatable neck pillow, eye mask, headphones, and a face mask.

I put my makeup in my carry-on so that I could be dressed and ready to go as soon as I landed and this saved a little bit of room in my suitcase. I also got a sample of some Clinique face wash that is in powder form and you simply add water to it – perfect for this situation.

Other things I packed that will likely prove to be helpful include an external charger, a reusable water bottle, a hooded rain jacket (I found it in the camping section of Walmart, and it fits into a small pouch), essential oils for allergies and anxiety, wipes of all sorts (deodorant wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, flushable wipes), and my trusty travel first-aid kit that has bandaids, healing balm, cough drops, and any necessary OTC meds.

Hopefully, I didn’t forget anything, but this method has been working for me, so I’m going to keep on with it! What kinds of things do you always pack?

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  1. Nowhere Tribune

    My wife travels a lot, and she’s great at travelling light. She and my daughters went to New York this week; they each took nothing more than a backpack. As soon as they landed, they put their packs on and went to central park without even a stop at the hotel. I always over-pack. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get to go to New York.

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