NYC: Sights.

Last night, I was at yoga, and a few of us were talking, and two of the ladies near me said they’d never been on a trip alone. What? I was shocked! I know I have sort of grown accustomed to traveling alone, but I never thought about someone just never taking a trip solo.

Many years ago, I wrote a survival guide for traveling alone – the tips still stand, but if you ever have questions about it, shoot me a message! Traveling solo is truly a gift to give yourself, as it is an experience unlike any other.

Now, speaking of experiences, I have a long list of things to do on my NYC itinerary, but I wanted to share some of the must-see sights on my list:

9/11 Memorial & Museum

This was the FIRST thing on my list since I booked my flight. I’ve heard and read so many moving things about visiting ground zero and seeing and hearing what’s left of that day.

The museum is 110,00- square feet and has several different exhibits. At the time of this writing, there’s a historical exhibit, a memorial, and one called “Witness at Ground Zero”, which is made up of more than 500 pictures captured between September 12-16, 2001.

The outdoor memorial are two reflecting pools that feature the names of everyone lost in the attacks, including those lost from the 1993 bombing. There’s also a Survivor Tree, a pear tree that survived the attacks and is now thriving. It serves as a symbol of resilience.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

I can’t go to New York City and not do something that celebrates the show that changed my life! Originally, I researched “Sex and the City” tours. However, many of them were 4-5 hours long and were more of an experience that included cosmopolitans and shopping. I have 0 interest in that – I’ve got a GIANT to-do list and I’m not investing 4-5 on, well anything, on my list.

So, I opted for the most important site from the show I could think of: Carrie’s apartment on Perry Street. I’ve read many-a-warning to not actually step on the steps because the current residents are always mad about the tourists hanging around. I get that… but you DO live in Carrie’s apartment!

The Statue of Liberty

I am really, really excited to see the most iconic statue… ever. While I don’t have any interest in going inside or to the top (the thought of that terrifies me to no end), I’m already pretty sure I’m going to cry when I see it.

For this particular trip, I’ve chosen to see it via the Staten Island Ferry – which I’ve read is a memorable experience on its own.

Top of the Rock

I have always wanted to visit Rockefeller Center, and I’ve read that the view from the observatory is one of the best in the city. At 70 floors up (850 feet), you can see Central Park, Midtown, and of course all of the skyscrapers.

There are three levels of observation decks to explore at Top of the Rock. The first deck includes the Radiance Wall and the gift shop. The second, featuring the Breezeway, is entirely outdoors. The third observation deck, located on the 70th floor open-air roof deck, is completely outdoors and free of a glass enclosure, making it perfect for photos.

There’s even a Top of the Rock app that can enhance your experience!

The New York Times Building

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write for The New York Times. It is still a dream of mine – and it probably always will be… until it happens 🙂 At the very least, I can go see the building!

While there are no tours offered, the lobby of the building is open to the public and there is an exhibition available to see. I am so excited!

I do have a few other things on my to-do list, but I have to leave some as a mystery, right? I’m hoping you’ll all follow my journey in real-time on Instagram (@OrangeJulius7). I’d love your company!

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