‘Mariah’s World’ & The Golden Globes!

Mariah Carey and her boyfriend/dancer Tanaka.
Mariah Carey and her boyfriend/dancer Tanaka.

Hello!! You may notice a few changes on the blog today, as I made a few updates over the weekend. As always, the content here will stay the same, but I wanted to give the blog a new look (hi, 2017), and provide more opportunities to spread the word.

So, you can always follow me on Pinterest, or Like the new Facebook Page strictly dedicated to The Bitter Lemon, and you can signup for the newsletter (signup here), which features exclusive content that’s not offered here. And hey, you can always tell your friends about The Bitter Lemon – I’m sure they’d love to know about that blog you’re always reading (wink, wink)!

But anyway, let’s get into last night’s episode of “Mariah’s World”, because there aren’t many episodes left! The title of this episode was called “Catching Feelings”,  so it should come as no surprise when Tanaka tells one of the other dancers that he feels something for Mariah – something more than professional chemistry.

And then it’s Tanaka’s birthday, and after the little lap dance he gave Mariah for her anniversary… well… they have a party, but the tour continues. However, at their next stop, Mariah has rented a giant house for EVERYONE to stay in – the assistants, dancers, Mariah, ever-y-one. This could get dicy.

This is when I’m watching the show wondering, okay, how much of this actually happened in real time vs. how much of it did they go back and film after Mariah and James broke up??

Later, Stella sits down with Mariah’s hair and makeup team, and they are talking about how Tanaka may be crossing the line – that he “looks at her like she’s a bowl of pasta in Italy”…eehhh.

Back at the big house, everyone decides to dress up like Mariah and sing karaoke to Mariah songs – because of course! Everyone is singing, dancing, drinking, and Tanaka ends up falling and legit getting injured, so he has to go to the hospital.

Because he’s on crutches, everyone is kind of wondering what the heck is he doing here? Stella thinks he needs to go home since he’s technically paid to be a dancer, so… they throw him a pizza party to wish him farewell. Or so I thought, because Mariah’s point is that they’re flying private, so what’s the difference if he comes on the plane to the next tour stop or not?

Until next week…

Who doesn't love Fallon?
Who doesn’t love Fallon?

I also made a large pot of cheesy pasta (at least it was whole wheat, right?) and watched The Golden Globe Awards last night.

I started by watching the live red carpet coverage on E! with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic. I know most people think the red carpet is flippant, but the more I watch things like that, the more my mind is blown at just how much the hosts have to know. Think about it, they basically have to have all of the celebrities memorized – their looks, the things they’ve starred in, and what award they’re up for, and they have to be on their toes for any surprises that may crop up. It’s impressive!

Once the show began, I loved the opener (a very funny nod to “La La Land”)! Jimmy Fallon said the telepromptor was out as soon as the show started, although I wasn’t sure if that was true or a bit – but they did seem to be having technical difficulties throughout the show.

I was really watching the show in hopes that Issa Rae would win for her role on “Insecure”, but she sadly didn’t take home the award (she looked gorgeous though!). “The People vs. OJ Simpson” won several awards, as did “La La Land” (as predicted), including the Golden Globe for Best Comedy or Musical, and Best Original Song for “City of Stars”.

There was a nice tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, and a few funny moments between the show’s presenters. If I had to guess, the moment that stole the show was when the fantastic Meryl Streep won her Lifetime Achievement Award. She was introduced by Viola Davis, who gave a stunning round of praise right to Streep’s face, which was followed by Streep’s speech, where she basically told Trump to fuck off in the classiest way possible. Bravo!


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