A Review: ModelCo Gradual Tan Everyday Body Mousse.

I wish it looked like that...
I wish it looked like that…

As many of you know, I’m currently on the road to getting tan… or at least, I’m trying to be. Awhile ago, I tried St. Tropez’s gradual in-shower tan, and that really didn’t do much (get the full scoop here) for me. So, I have still been on the hunt for the perfect sunless tanner.

Two Sundays ago, I went on a little adventure across the street and treated myself to a cup of frozen yogurt (I love the original tart flavor…yum!) with rainbow sprinkles, because I am a child, and I gazed longingly at the flourescent sign for DARQUE TAN, that is right next to the yogurt shop.

I was a long-time tanning bed addict, and quit cold turkey upon my move to Austin in September. Even though I know it’s bad for me, I really quit just to save a few bucks. But here we are, in the early stages of skirt season, and my legs are shockingly white. And it is just not a good look.

After my disappointment with the St. Tropez, I looked online for something else to try and I settled on ModelCo’s Gradual Tan Everyday Body Mousse. It had good reviews on Birchbox’s website, and it was $17 for a decent-sized bottle.

For now, I’m only worried about tanning the lower half of my legs, and my arms and chest, so I figured I could get several applications from the single bottle. I also purchased a tanning mitt for $6 to help with streak-free application, since I’ve never used a tanning foam before.

This foam is meant to be used post-shower; so I have been using it every time I shower. I get out, dry off completely, and then apply the mousse to desired areas. The bottle’s directions say to wait 10 minutes before getting dressed, so that’s what I do. I often stand in front of the fan I have in my bedroom, but it’s more out of sheer boredom than anything.

For the most part, this goes on really well and it has a pleasant scent. I never had any issues with streaking or an uneven look, but it does come off when you sweat. A plus is that the foam is brown so you can see where you’ve applied it.

My only complaint is that I wouldn’t consider this a gradual tan. I felt like it rinsed off every time I showered; which for some people is probably good, but I was hoping for a darker tan. This would definitely be good if you just need a quick tan for an event or a night out.

It was definitely better than the St. Tropez, but not something I’m dying to buy again. I actually bought something else over the weekend (since my apartment’s pool is STILL closed), so I’ll be reporting back on that shortly.

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