Podcasts I’ve been listening to, Part II.

Earbuds in, always.
Earbuds in, always.

As you may recall, I’ve recently become obsessed with podcasts. I listen to them all day, Monday-Friday, and I’ve caught up on most of the archives, so I’m finally at a point where I’m looking forward to new episodes each week. I started off listening to around five podcasts (catch my original list here), but that got old quick after listening for 45 hours each week.

So, my list of regular podcasts has been growing, and my latest additions are listed below. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something that suits your fancy. Got any ideas for me? I’m always looking for new content to stuff into my brain, so leave a comment and let me know!

Heather Dubrow’s World – You may recognize Heather Dubrow from “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, and her husband Terry, from “Botched”, as he is one of the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. While I love Heather, and the shows her family is on, I will admit that some of the episodes of her podcast, “Heather Dubrow’s World” are difficult to connect with.

I mean, let’s face facts, Heather and Terry are major millionaires. They have assistants and nannies and their old house had a complete basketball court inside it. So when the first 15 minutes of the podcast are about how she couldn’t find her favorite snacks for a flight to Vegas and they ended up taking a private plane, I’m rolling my eyes. However, Heather has managed to have some pretty cool guests on her show that make for decent interviews. So far, I’ve heard RuPaul, EJ Johnson, and Lizanne Falsetto (the creator of Think Thin protein bars, which are delicious).

The Art of Charm – This was listed as one of the most downloaded podcasts, according to a list from Forbes magazine. Upon reading the podcast’s description, its a show about confidence, relationship & dating advice, and productivity – in general, just kicking ass in all aspects of life. Count me in!

Basically, there’s a few guys that are always a part of the episodes, and sometimes there are guests (usually experts of some sort). I’ll admit the guys are total bros; they live in West Hollywood and own their own company, teaching other bros how to win at life. I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but they make some interesting points! Plus, it’s cool to hear about relationships from the guys’ perspective for once.

The Vulture TV Podcast – New York magazine oversees a group of publications I’ve been obsessed with for years. Recently, I was doing some snooping online and came across Vulture, which is another NY mag affiliate. I immediately subscribed to their daily newsletter, as a majority of their content is dedicated to my favorite thing: TV. Once I started reading the newsletter on the reg, I found out they also had a podcast dedicated to analyzing TV shows. Um…WHAT?! Amazing! I subscribed immediately and I spent most of last week catching up on old episodes. Don’t worry, I listened to all of them and it’s fantastic! Not only do they deep dive into popular television shows, but they also have interviews with TV writers and directors, which is incredibly interesting.

Curious About Screenwriting Network – I’m not sure how much I’ve discussed it in this blog, but I’ve recently become very interested in screenwriting, particularly TV series and made-for-TV movies, so I figured I’d check into some podcasts on the subject. This is hosted by a few different people who are a part of the International Screenwriters Association, and I’ll say they reveal some really valuable information if this is your thing. They do an interview for each episode, and they’re fairly lengthy – around 1-2 hours each. I have been gobbling them right up!

On The Page: Screenwriting – And another one on screenwriting; this one is hosted by a pretty popular screenwriting teacher in Los Angeles. Not only have several of her students moved on to become successful in the industry, but she has several connections that make for good interviews. Although this podcast has lots of great information, it’s not pretentious or boring, which I really appreciate. It’s pretty lighthearted, which is nice.

What are you listening to these days? I’d love to check it out! And hey, it’s Friday – I hope you guys have a great weekend; catch some z’s, do something that’s going to make you a better person, and don’t forget to tell your mom how awesome she is!

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