Dating in my Past Life.

I did have a soulmate... in my past life.
I did have a soulmate… in my past life.

When I was 16, I went to see a palm-reader. She lived in a semi-sketchy neighborhood, and when my high-school friend and I knocked on her door, she quickly snapped off an episode of “Full House” before tending to us.

As shady as it seemed, she told me a few things that proved to be true: my parents would divorce, and I would end up with a hunky blonde with the initials of “J.S”.

Okay, so that second part has yet to come true, but here’s to hoping.

It’s been a very long time since that reading, and I wanted to get a better idea of where things might be going for me.

So, I booked an appointment with an astrologer; she is also the founder and CEO of the New Orleans School for Esoteric Arts.

For my reading, she went over my natal chart, which is a map of the universe calculated for the time of my birth (including day, year, and location).

She talked a lot about my life; my childhood, and my personality given the alignment of the universe according to my chart. It was eerily true.

She also discussed my dating life in three different ways:

  1. The men attracted to me/those I usually date
  2. Upcoming romantic forecast
  3. A man from my past life

She quickly picked up on the fact that I usually date douche-y, arrogant guys. She even knew the day of my most-recent fallout with a guy I was talking to.

According to my chart, I should be expecting a “summer romance” beginning around June 23. This is awesome news; and means I have around two months to get a great tan for my summer guy. Expect written news regarding this fling.

And finally, she asked me about a certain someone who’d passed away during my college years. Of course, I knew who she was talking about: he was the first person I met at LSU, he was my friend, and we often went on dates.

I liked him very much for just meeting him.

“When you meet someone and feel like you’ve known them your whole life,” she said. “It’s because you have.”

She said we knew each other in our past lives; and that in that life, we were soulmates.

The tears started forming in my eyes. It was emotional for me, because ever since his unexpected death, I wondered if he WAS my soulmate. But I always talked myself out of it, because then that would mean fate wasn’t real.

Her theory explained everything.

According to her, he was watching over me, and asked if I had a picture of him in my house. I do, framed, I told her.

“That gives him permission to watch over you, and put luck on your side,” she said.

I cannot tell you how oddly satisfying that was to hear. She also said I could give him energy to continue protecting me by lighting a candle by his picture.

So, I’ve been doing just that – garden scented.

The reading was also insightful in the areas of my career, travel plans, and upcoming instincts I may encounter. I loved the reading so much, I’m definitely going to make it a regular occurrence.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to that summer romance. In all honesty, I can’t say I’m disappointed that she didn’t mention anything serious.

Given my rocky dating experiences recently, I think I just need a little fun to remind myself that all guys aren’t terrible.

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