Hockey: Texas Stars!

Introducing your Texas Stars!
Introducing your Texas Stars!

Saturday night, I ventured to Cedar Park Center, home of the Texas Stars hockey team, Austin’s American Hockey League affiliate to the National Hockey League’s Dallas Stars.

Hockey has got to be one of my favorite sports, as I grew up at the ice rink, dated a hockey player in high school, and ventured to many, many Cincinnati Cyclones games with my dad. Hockey games are a blast! Since moving to Austin, I was wondering if they had a team, and coincidentally, I got a flyer in the mail with game dates on it.

Saturday night’s game against the Milwaukee Admirals was the first one I could make, but it seems like I picked a good one. Since I went alone, I was able to get a great seat (two rows from the ice, right behind the Admiral’s bench).

Upon arrival, I got a large brewski and a pretzel, and found my seat. It was quickly obvious that I’d sat among several season ticket holders – they all knew each other – and were anxiously awaiting the referees on the ice to boo their presence. Nonetheless, they were a welcoming bunch.

Mattias Backman
Mattias Backman

I was more interested in who we were about to see on the ice: the players. Athletes are hot, so let’s get to it. I’d shoved a program in my purse, so I wanted to check out the roster. I quickly realized that the Texas Stars don’t have many conventionally hot dudes on their team, but you also have to keep in mind that most of these guys look 75% hotter with their helmets on (sounds terrible, but it’s true).

#5 Mattias Backman

From Sweden, so he probably has an accent, drafted for the Detroit Red Wings in the 5th round in 2011, and made his Texas Stars debut in 2015. Born in 1992 (kills me when I hear people were born in the 90s), so that makes him like 23. A girl can dream!

Jesse Blacker
Jesse Blacker

#12 Jesse Blacker

Again, not conventionally hot, but I do like his hair, and his little smirk makes me think this guy does not give a S H I T. And I like it, although probably not the kind of attitude I’m looking for in a date. Plus, I really like his last name.

In 2009, he was drafted in the second round to the Toronto Maple Leafs, which is pretty cool considering he’s from Toronto.

He also played for the Anaheim Ducks in 2013, which makes me think of “The Mighty Ducks”…and who doesn’t think of “The Mighty Ducks” when they watch a hockey game?

Brendan Ranford
Brendan Ranford

#19 Brendan Ranford 

Honestly, I don’t find him physically attractive, despite his baby face. BUT, the more important thing here, is that this guy knows how to play some hockey. I’ll admit, the Stars need a little work when it comes to their passing game, and they super suck at just chucking the puck to the other end of the ice, with a whopping NO ONE to get it.

So, this guy, is pretty much their best player. He was also the only player to score during the sudden death shootout, so basically he won the game.

He played for the WHL’s Kamloops Blazers from 2007-2013, and then signed a 3-year, entry level contract with the Dallas Stars. He currently holds the franchise playoff records with a five-game goal streak and six-game point streak.

Since my seat was right behind the visiting team’s bench, I was able to get a good look at these guys, too. And, I think they may have had more hot dudes on their team, but it’s alright, I still cheered for Texas.

Speaking of cheering, this is why I love Hockey. It’s the only sport where you can yell cuss words at everyone: the players, the refs (especially the refs), and no one bats an eye. And of course, we were all on our feet when there was a decent, gloves-off, brawl between two players. It was fantastic!

Unfortunately, I caught on to this season late, so there are only two more games I can go to this season, but I will be there!

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