Blanche’s Book Club: ’99: Stories of the Game’.

I feel like every single day this week kicked my behind – it was the holiday, the chilly weather, and yeah, I just wanted to stay in bed! At least it’s Friday, because I’ve got huge plans to sleep in this weekend and make tortellini soup. How cool am I? Basically, it’s the perfect season […]


Hockey: Texas Stars!

Saturday night, I ventured to Cedar Park Center, home of the Texas Stars hockey team, Austin’s American Hockey League affiliate to the National Hockey League’s Dallas Stars. Hockey has got to be one of my favorite sports, as I grew up at the ice rink, dated a hockey player in high school, and ventured to […]


Fiction Friday: ‘Black & Blue’, part IV.

The following is an original short story, written by Holly A. Phillips in 2007, inspired by her favorite NHL player, Sean Avery. Read part one, two, and three, if you’re interested… “Bro, damn, where you going?” 12 asked. “Out there…you know,” I said. “Haven’t seen you head that way in… Well, ever,” he said. “Uh […]