Celeb Crush: Colin Jost.

capture-colin-k-jostIf you were ever worried that I’d run out of celebrity crushes, fear not my friends.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I go through crushes pretty quick. My crushes in real life never like me back, so it leaves me to the only alternative: loading up on celeb crushes and hoping one day ONE of these guys will bump into me on the street, fall madly in love with me, and we’ll live happily ever after.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, my new celeb crush (as of last Saturday) is comedian Colin Jost. He does the Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, and he looks super delish while he does it.

His birthday is really close to mine, so naturally, I’m convinced we were meant to be.

He went to HARVARD (sweating), and started as a writer on SNL, and worked his way up for ten years before taking the co-anchor position on Weekend Update.

He also does standup and has been nominated for five Emmy Awards.


Now, not to take away from Mr. Jost, but in other celeb crush news, tomorrow is a pretty MASSIVE day for Bieber fans, as well as One Direction fans, as both Bieber and One Direction are releasing their new albums… and we’ve all been waiting very anxiously for them.

Don’t worry, The Bitter Lemon will NOT be missing out on the action and I’ll have something really fun right here in celebration of this monumental event.

Don’t miss it! Until then, I’ll be messing around with my Google Cardboard. Know of any cool apps for it? Let me know!

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