Pic of the Week.

Movieeeeee night.
Movieeeeee night.

Truth be told, I almost didn’t post a pic this week, because… well, because I didn’t take many pictures, and it started off as a shitty week.

Last week, I was feeling rather gloomy for either all kinds of reasons at once, or for reasons I have yet to pinpoint. And in my world, this happens from time to time.

I’ve got no question that I’ve suffered from depression since I was at least 13, and have dealt with it in various, healthy (-ish) ways. Last week, I felt like I was having one bad day after the next, I was feeling so inside my head, and when that happens, the smallest thing can feel like the world is over.

At the same time, the tiniest thing can also make the day seem bright again — and that was when I saw the Paper Towns DVD at Target during my routine grocery run (when they didn’t have enough jalapenos for my work potluck recipe).

It was the smallest thing that made me feel so much better.

Looking back, I had a little bit of a weird something happen with a crush, and as you know, guy troubles are always annoying, and can put a damper on things. And I was feeling a little homesick; missing my friends in Baton Rouge.

But, as the week progressed, I felt better, I got things accomplished, and I even got to see some of my friends.

This year has been one of growth, and it’s been full of ups and downs. Even though my life is much different now than it was just two months ago, I know my journey is still not over. And these last two months of 2015 will continue to show progression; in the most positive way, I’m certain.

Meanwhile, Paper Towns!!!!


And, not to drag it on but… I kind of love this song.

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