Pic of the Week.

Moving day!
Moving day!

I moved on Saturday! I’ve spent the last few weeks packing everything I own (well, minus the things I got rid of) and prepping for a move.

Now, I know moving — the physical act of doing so — is possibly the worst thing we can do to ourselves as humans. It completely sucks.

Because of this fact, when I made my last move, I shelled out the $500 for movers to do the hard stuff for me. And while, I didn’t have to haul any big pieces of furniture, I still felt exhausted from cleaning and organizing, and I took an entire week off work to unpack boxes and organize my new place.

This time around, I pretty much had NONE of those luxuries. Still living off retail salary, I planned to move everything with just the help of my mom. In September, I owed two apartment rents (1 for my old place, 1 for my new place) plus two weeks of hotel stay in between. That shit adds up.

So, hiring movers was not a financial option for me. And ok, I’d say I could use a good workout or two — I do realize that these last few “Pic of the Week’ choices are not my most flattering shots.

However, my friend Derek offered to help me move my furniture. AMAZING. Out of all my friends in town, he was the only one who offered, and accepted nothing in return (except snacks and electrolyte water).

So, on Saturday, we moved my entire apartment into a 16-foot moving truck (getting that truck was a two-hour debacle in itself), then my mom and I drove the 7 hours to Austin, TX. We arrived at the new apartment around midnight, and decided to take advantage of the cool night, and move whatever possible.

We moved furniture up a flight of stairs for nearly three hours before calling it a night. And we got up at 8 the next day and finished around 1. Seeing two women haul a couch up a flight of stairs was probably interesting for my neighbors, but YEEHAW, Y’all, I’m here.

I’m currently sitting amidst a crap-ton of boxes, but I’ve made a ton of progress this week, when I’m not working my new job (loves it). It’s a good kind of stress to be in.

Be on the lookout for posts all about my new, beautiful apartment — and in the meantime, don’t be afraid to check me out on SnapChat @OrangeJulius7 — because I’m having a blast documenting my latest adventures out west.

Strap on your boots!


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