Things I’ve learned from watching ‘CSI’.

The original CSI crew.
The original CSI crew.

I LOVE watching CSI. And of course, I’m talking about the original CSI, as in CSI Las Vegas with Grissom only. I refuse to watch any other city/version/cast.

I started watching the show with my dad, when it premiered in 2000. Although I hate everything scary, and some of the show does involve grisly murder and other crimes, I liked seeing the crimes get solved. Soon after the show begun, we had the option of taking a forensic science class at school. I signed up, and we watched a ton of CSI. However, we also got to solve fake crime scenes and we learned a lot about blood spatter (!).

But leave it to me to turn TV into something educational, right? I figure, if I’m going to spend a lot of time doing it, I may as well learn a few lessons:

  • One liners are still a hit. At the beginning of every episode, Grissom always has a clever one-liner that sends the show right into its theme song. The lines are kind of corny, yet genius all at once. For example: You can be wrong, I can be wrong but the evidence is just the evidence. #Boom
  • Justin Bieber loves CSI, too. In 2010, the Biebs made an appearance on CSI as a CRIMINAL. We always knew he was a bad boy.

  • People who get away with stuff must be super smart. I know in real life not every case gets the attention it does on CSI. But still, when a team of scientists is after you and you still get away? You must have done some serious plotting.
  • Evidence is basically everywhere. This is kind of what I just said, but it amazes me when they grab so much evidence from a single strand of hair, fingerprints on a steering wheel, or tire marks on a street. I’m innocent, but maybe I should be more careful…
  • Even nerds can be hot. This is basically something I already knew, but Nick Stokes (played by George Eads) is fine as hell. Take a look for yourself:
Innocent until proven guilty.
Innocent until proven guilty.

And that is that. FX plays CSI on the regular, sometimes they have marathons on Fridays, and if you’re anything like me, catch a CSI marathon Friday on a day off, and you have yourself one very, very fine day.

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