Fresh Friday: Omnia Crystalline.

Cool bottle...
Cool bottle…

Another week = survived. I don’t know if this happens to anyone aside from me, but whenever there’s a “short” week, I get my days completely messed up — not in the way you think, though. Since Monday was a holiday, you’d think Tuesday would feel like a Monday.

No, my brain kept thinking Tuesday was Wednesday. This happens to me every time! Not sure why, but it’s very disappointing when you think tomorrow is Friday, and it’s actually Thursday.

Anyway, I’ve had this week’s perfume profile feature: BVLGARI’s Omnia Crystalline in my bathroom closet for quite some time. It came in my perfume sample box at Christmas, and I just haven’t been wearing it because… the bottle is a little difficult to open.

Once I figured it out though, it smells quite divine — very feminine. According to the little booklet that came with it (made by Sephora), “The inspiration is rare crystals refract and absorb light, capturing an explosion of radiance. The notes are a pure, dazzling blend of bamboo nashi pear followed by lotus blossom and balsa wood. The impression is chic, designed to reveal your inner sparkle, delicate sensuality, and graceful femininity.”

Sparkle? Balsa wood? YAS.

BVLGARI has an entire line of Omnia scents, such as Amethyste, Coral, and Indian Garnet. Might be something to check out!

In other news, fellow Columbus North Bulldog, Josh Speidel left the hospital yesterday and is heading home to Columbus. I am so happy for him, and his friends and family. Read my previous blog post about Josh, here.

Other than that, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! See you right back here, Monday!

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