4/50 Shades: Spun Sugar.

Spun Sugar is on the far right.
Spun Sugar is on the far right.

Not sure when, but some time ago, Sally Hansen created a lip gloss known as Moisture Twist, which is said to have moisture, plus shine and color, as well as serve as a primer for the color. Wow!

When I bought a tube of Moisture Twist, in Spun Sugar, I had never tried any Sally Hansen lip products — I was excited!

After using it several times, I will say that it does provide moisture and color. However, the Spun Sugar hue is pretty light. It’s more of just a gloss for me, but it’s nice to add on top of a bold lipstick.

One other downer? There’s no flavor. The name “Spun Sugar” had me dreaming of cotton candy lips… not so much.

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